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MarkSystems software features fully integrated, single-entry accounting

No other homebuilder software gives you the power, flexibility, ease of use, and return on investment like MarkSystems®. The premier residential homebuilder accounting software on the market today, it combines a proven track record of performance with cutting-edge technology to give you the financial control today’s tough business climate demands. It is the perfect accounting software for independent contractors to help keep you profitable and growing.

In MarkSystems, all construction costs can be pre-determined based on contracts, take offs, or approved VPOs. Each of these purchasing documents can be electronically approved for payment as construction status is updated from the field, using a single solution. Approved purchasing documents can be processed through Accounts Payable in bulk. No more invoice data entry; with MarkSystems, you can process 1,000 invoices in 10 seconds!

Accounts Payable—from open invoice to general ledger to payment

Through the MarkSystems Accounts Payable module, open invoices are entered to distribute expenses to the appropriate General Ledger accounts (with or without multiple companies) and to produce checks for the payment of these invoices to common vendors.

This module interacts seamlessly with these MarkSystems modules:

  • Job Cost
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Receipts
  • Warranty
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders 

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Accounts Receivable—simplified payment management

MarkSystems' Accounts Receivable module makes it easy to track receivables from homeowners in any company or community. Multiple construction draws, extended deposit schedules, homeowner’s association dues—any type of receivable is supported. You can print invoices, receive payments, and report delinquencies, all from a single system.

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Unlimited General Ledger history

Mark Systems’ General Ledger Module gives you instant access to every transaction ever made, in any entity, for any year. Drill down from any transaction to the entry batch, entry screen, and originating source document.

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Vendor Management module gives you community-level control

MarkSystems offers a platform for all functions, so the accounting software allows common vendors across all entities and communities to access information while giving you complete community-level control.

  • Detailed information for every subcontractor, supplier, and vendor maintained in the Vendor Management module of MarkSystems accounting software.
  • The module gives you access to every transaction for every vendor across all companies (within security restrictions).
  • While vendors are common across all companies and projects (simplifying vendor management, payments, and 1099 reporting), detailed information can be defined for each company for which a vendor works.
  • Insurance dates for each vendor can be defined globally, and overridden at the company level when necessary. Contact information and preferred communication method (web, email, fax, hard copy, or any combination) can also be specified globally and in detail.

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Closing & Settlement module—fully automated for simplicity and accuracy

Because it was designed exclusively for homebuilders, MarkSystems streamlines and automates the entire closing process from Settlement Proceeds through HUD sheet entry, COGS, and WIP relief including reserve analysis and final closing.

Using a common SQL data base, all previous transactions are pre-loaded into the closing entry, including Base House Sales, Option Sales, Lot Premium, Loan Draws, and Customer Deposits. By pre-defining and pre-loading your settlement entry, MarkSystems lets you close each house as it happens, improving profitability reporting and cost allocations.

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Financial Statement module and report writer

MarkSystems software includes a comprehensive Financial Statement Report Writer that allows an unlimited number of user-defined financial statements for each company, including multiple levels of consolidations. Report by department, division or entity, creating financial statements that exactly match your business.

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The bottom line: MarkSystems’ homebuilder accounting modules lower construction costs, reduce overhead and improve profitability

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