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Success Story:
Zenodro Homes

MarkSystems® Helps Keep Homebuilder Lean and Productive As It Grows

After more than 20 years in the home building business, Lusant Ordoñez knows what it takes to run a successful company: a laser-sharp focus on customers and their priorities, a passion for quality and detail, and a commitment to using technology at every opportunity to run lean but at maximum productivity.

The company he founded in 2005, Zenodro Homes in Lake Mary, Florida, is on track to post its best year ever. However, even though Ordoñez and his team expect to finish 96 homes by year-end, employee head count is still unlikely to reach double figures.

There are several key reasons for the company’s sky-high productivity, but one of the most important, says Ordoñez, is its use of MarkSystems home building management software from ECi Software Solutions.

Ordoñez has been a MarkSystems user since 2011, when friend and veteran homebuilder, Bill Orosz of Orlando-based Hanover Family Builders, recommended the program to him.

Zenodro’s homegrown project management system was expensive and inefficient

Up until then, the company had been running on a homegrown system. “It was very expensive to develop and maintain, and it really didn’t give us what we needed,” Ordoñez recalls. He and his team found themselves continually fighting a relentless onslaught of paperwork. In addition, gaining any sense of how well or poorly the company was doing was a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. Generating basic business reports could take as much as a week or longer.

Fortunately, today, all of that is only a distant memory for Ordoñez. “MarkSystems has become one of the pillars of our company, and it costs us a fraction of what we were paying before we switched,” he says.

Ask Ordoñez what he likes most about the program and he responds with an impressive list of features and benefits.

MarkSystems strengthened the operation with best practices and one-stop-for-all functionality

“MarkSystems is software for homebuilders by homebuilders. The developers brought years of industry experience to the program and incorporated many of the best practices they saw at other builders. That has really helped strengthen our own operation,” Ordoñez reports.

Ordoñez also gives kudos to the program for its integrated, one-stop-for-all functionality architecture. “I can go into MarkSystems, load up a lead or a contact, and do everything else I need from that point on without having to move data back and forth from other programs,” he explains.

MarkSystems’ customer service enabled a smooth conversion and transition

Also earning high grades from Ordoñez are the service and support Zenodro Homes receive from the MarkSystems organization. “We received great support on the conversion and their customer service has been pretty amazing ever since (go-live),” he says. “MarkSystems has some great people; they’ve got great attitudes and they really know the program.”

After seven years of using MarkSystems, Ordoñez is hard put to imagine what life at Zenodro Homes would be like without it.

“MarkSystems is almost like another employee for us, in the way it allows us to manipulate data and keep close track of what’s happening in the business in real time,” he says.

“Every day when I come into work in the morning, I log in and MarkSystems tells me exactly where we stand. I know what my sales goal needs to be, I know where we are relative to our projections for the year, and when changes come in, I know immediately what their effect is in real time and can respond quickly and effectively.”

For example, like many homebuilders, Zenodro Homes saw a sharp increase in steel prices following the introduction of trade tariffs. Literally, with just a few keystrokes, the company’s own pricing was adjusted in response, and budgets automatically updated across the business.

“MarkSystems is a crucial part of what we do at Zenodro Homes,” says Ordoñez. “It gives us the information we need, when we need it, and provides a level of control over the organization that is truly second-to-none.”

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