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Receive core curriculum training on the foundational pieces of our software

MarkSystems® University (MSU™) offers in-depth software training for existing users. New users can train, too, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

MarkSystems University

Attendees will receive core curriculum training on the foundation pieces of MarkSystems software for homebuilders, followed by a focus in specific departmental areas over a three-day program. At the end of this training, attendees will know the basic functionality and capabilities of MarkSystems and how they pertain to their unique job functions. They will also earn a certificate of completion for their specific course.

The program combines three modes of instruction to support learning and retention: live lecture, discussion, and hands-on system exercises. Users will receive system and specific job training built on best practices in the home building industry.

Each course includes:

  • Live lecture and system walk-through

  • Interactive discussion

  • Hands-on software training and exercises

  • Industry best practices and operations

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Register today for MarkSystems University 2019 Courses

Course Name Date Register now

Purchasing 201

Henrico, VA

Aug 27, 2019 Register now

Purchasing 101

Mount Laurel, NJ

Sep 17, 2019 Register now
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