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Home Builder Warranty and Customer Service

Ensure your commitment to quality and service

Home builder warranty module tracks and manages service

Communication is the key to satisfying customers while reducing service costs

The key to successful customer service is communication.

Positive customer feedback and solid referrals are crucial to home building success. Keep customers happy and subcontractors on task while identifying any recurring warranty issues that can be addressed during construction using MarkSystems.

With MarkSystems, warranty personnel have instant access to the entire body of knowledge created during the sale and construction of each customer’s house. Customer service knows what options were sold, which subcontractors and suppliers were involved, and what correspondence occurred with every single homeowner.

Wonderland uses MarkSystems to manage their service tickets and quickly respond to homeowner requests

MarkSystems is here to help

Improve warranty management, customer service, and construction quality

Need to improve your warranty tracking?

Track service requests by vendor, at-fault vendor, list type, and variance code using a single platform.

Want to shorten response time?

Track service orders automatically and display on the subcontractor portal.

Looking for an easy way to identify recurring issues?

Use the warranty dashboard to spot issues early and improve construction quality.

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Warranty & Customer Service Made Easy with MarkSystems

Identify problems quickly, keep customers happy

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Access all customer information from one place

Using MarkSystems document management capabilities, your construction plans, photos, emails, letters, and other items automatically supply a centralized information hub from which customer service can work.

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Improve subcontractor response and control warranty costs

MarkSystems’ comprehensive home builder warranty software system tracks service requests by vendor, at-fault vendor, list type, and variance code. Using a single platform, the Warranty & Customer Service modules let you generate service order statements that are emailed directly to the subcontractor.

Delinquentervice orders

Track delinquent service orders automatically

Delinquent service orders display on each subcontractor’s web portal and result in held checks during payment processing. Service orders can be delivered directly to each subcontractor using email, fax, web page delivery, or any combination thereof. Once the service order is created, no additional effort is required; the system communicates instantly and transparently between everyone involved.


Identify recurring problems to continuously improve construction quality

Spot trends in warranty service that may be the result of faulty construction processes or materials. Using MarkSystems’ warranty dashboard, warranty trends are graphically displayed using any combination of criteria. Open and completed service orders, average time to complete, and average open and closed service orders all are calculated to give you control over your customer service responses. Patterns don’t go unnoticed, and spotting issues early allows builders to continuously improve construction quality.

Completely Integrated Functionality

Track profitability on each project, at every stage, with the construction management software that home builders trust

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  • Fast—process 1,000 invoices in 10 seconds
  • Complete accounts payable feature
  • Simple, easy-to-use accounts receivable
  • Unlimited general ledger history
  • Financial Statement Report Writer
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  • Improve options sales with Design Center
  • Engage customers with LotVue® interactive site maps
  • Project Management made easy with the Internet ToolKit
  • 300 built-in Reports and Executive Dashboards
  • Scheduling that works the way you do
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