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Material purchasing for home builders

Accurate purchasing is the backbone of residential construction efficiency, especially in the current market. MarkSystems® Material Purchasing module gives builders’ purchasing departments the tools they need to create accurate work and purchase orders regardless of house type.

Vantage Homes

Andy Sanchez of Vantage Homes discusses how automation in MarkSystems helps them do more with less.

MarkSystems is here to help

Comprehensive, accurate home building material purchasing software

Want more automation of POs and work orders?

Orders are automatically generated from sales agreements and selection sheets.

Not sure how profitable your options are?

Accurately maintain cost and profitability for every option you sell.

Can't keep track of historical vendor pricing?

Maintain unlimited vendor pricing history so you can identify pricing trends and react quickly.

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Purchasing Made Easy with MarkSystems

Get the automation and control you need

Looking At Building Plans

Automated purchase orders combine base house and option selections

By looking directly at each accepted sales agreement and associated selection addendums, exactly as specified by sales, MarkSystems’ Contract Management module builds unique, house specific, 100% accurate work orders.

Getting Construction Software Info

Detailed work orders

Each work order detail line provides all available construction-related information including detailed scope of work and option descriptions with individual option costs, colors, styles, locations, and contract comments directly from the selection sheets.

Building Home Within Budget

Accurate cost and profitability for every option

MarkSystems is the ONLY procurement management software system that accurately maintains cost and profitability for every option sold throughout the building cycle. Each PO has the most current supplier pricing available. The ultimate result is your confidence in guaranteeing that every job is completed within budget.

Automatic Estimates

Complete control over pricing, even from multiple suppliers

The days of maintaining endless pricing spreadsheets are over! By giving your suppliers and subcontractors a standard for updating unit prices, the module eliminates the need for entering pricing data for purchasing departments.

Home Closing

Share common vendor files across companies

Set up project-specific preferences for each vendor and maintain vendor prices for all items, giving purchasing agents and estimators the tools they need to compare prices and histories to select the best value.

Man Comparing Speadsheets

Maintain unlimited pricing history

The Material Purchasing module can maintain fixed price contracts with unlimited pricing history and without hindering database access or report processing speed, giving you the ability to identify pricing trends and react quickly.

Import Bid Worksheets

Easy approval process

Using cloud-based technology, variance POs with user-defined approval hierarchy, and payment approval process complete with audit trail assure transparency in purchasing to get you paid faster.

Completely Integrated Functionality

Track profitability on each project, at every stage, with the construction management software that home builders trust



  • Fast—process 1,000 invoices in 10 seconds
  • Complete accounts payable feature
  • Simple, easy-to-use accounts receivable
  • Unlimited general ledger history
  • Financial Statement Report Writer
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  • Improve options sales with Design Center
  • Engage customers with LotVue® interactive site maps
  • Project Management made easy with the Internet ToolKit
  • 300 built-in Reports and Executive Dashboards
  • Scheduling that works the way you do
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What Our Customers Are Saying

MarkSystems helps us with purchasing in a lot of different ways. The main one is that everything becomes automated...For us it's one of the better investments we've made. We have been able to continue to grow in volume without growing staff. It allows you to do more with less.

Vantage Homes

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