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Cloud-based Contract Furniture ERP Software

Manage projects from proposal to profit.

Fully integrated project management software for contract office furniture dealers and wholesalers.

Using TeamDesign® software, all business functions seamlessly integrate into one easy-to-use solution. You get accurate, real-time insight into your business, empowering you to make better decisions, faster.

TeamDesign Features
NEW Allseating Manufacturer Integration

New integration with Allseating helps TeamDesign users save time and money through streamlined purchase orders and vendor communications

Streamline Purchase Orders and Vendor Communications

Simplify Manufacturer and Wholesaler Ordering - New integration with Allseating!

Using TeamDesign’s Private Supply Network (PSN), integrations with major furniture manufacturers and suppliers will make you more competitive, improve workflow, and increase your bottom line!

Connecting to trading partners via the internet and using the PSN to transmit purchase orders and receive acknowledgements from vendors is easy.

Spending too much time creating vendor orders?

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Cloud Computing

Improve Security, Reduce Costs, Go Mobile

Business Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

TeamDesign allows you to lower maintenance costs and overall operational expenses. It increases the security of your business with enterprise-grade compliance, security, backup, and support.

Plus, you can access your business information 24/7/365.

Ready to reduce business disruption and reinvest time and money back into your business?

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Finding the Right Business Management System for Your Furniture Business
Project Management

Everything Needed to Manage Any Project

Manage Projects from Beginning to End

Interfacing with every major electronic specifying package, TeamDesign allows independent furniture dealers to track and align communication, and report on every stage of a project.

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Integrate Your Finances to Improve Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow and Customer Satisfaction

With a full furniture accounting software package included, TeamDesign handles accounts receivable, payable, and general ledger, tracking all accounts by job.

A full account history enables real-time review of invoices and ledgers and reporting can identify and reconcile late costs and balances due for work-in-progress.

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Inventory Management

The Right Products and Prices, in the Right Places and Time

Optimize Inventory To Improve Your Bottom Line

Keeping track of inventory has never been easier. TeamDesign’s furniture inventory management features allow dealers to compare proposals and automatically report on in-stock, out-of-stock, and aging products.

Ready to solve your inventory issues?

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CRM and Business Analytics

Make Better Business Decisions

CRM, Business Analytics, and Reporting in One Application

Integrated within TeamDesign, Acsellerate® is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps the entire organization consistently anticipate and respond to customer needs and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Integrated within Acsellerate and Powered by Cognytics, MyDay dashboards enable busy sales professionals to quickly manage their schedules and see appointments, tasks, activities, leads, and opportunities in a single dashboard.

Ready to make better business decisions, faster?

Check out the new Acsellerate Activity Dashboards
and the new Customer Intelligence Dashboards

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4 Reasons Why Your Small or Medium Sized Business (SMB) Needs CRM
Order Entry

Eliminate Redundant Keying

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

With one-time data entry, you eliminate redundant rekeying and thus reduce errors. The data carries across the entire project so you can easily complete forms and tasks.

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Seamless Purchasing

Simplify the Ordering Process

Automatically Split Proposals Into Multiple POs

Send purchase orders and receive acknowledgments from key manufacturers electronically. Connect to trading partners using the ECI Private Supply Network (PSN) to transmit purchase orders and receive acknowledgements from vendors easily.

With TeamDesign, you can automate your ordering process from item file updates to purchasing and invoicing.

Spending too much time creating purchase orders?

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International Localization

Easily Work in Different Countries

Working on a project outside of your home country? That's not a problem with TeamDesign. Keeping your general ledger in local currency, TeamDesign can generate purchase orders in the vendor’s currency and send invoices in the customer’s currency.

Planning international expansion?

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Manufacturer Integrations

Streamline Purchase Orders and Vendor Communications

Simplify Manufacturer and Wholesaler Ordering

Using TeamDesign’s Private Supply Network (PSN), integrations with major furniture manufacturers and suppliers will make you more competitive, improve workflow, and increase your bottom line!

Connecting to trading partners via the internet and using the PSN to transmit purchase orders and receive acknowledgements from vendors is easy.

Spending too much time creating vendor orders?

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TD Persona Project Management
Trouble keeping projects on-track?

See how TeamDesign can help

Trouble keeping projects on-track?

From project to profit, TeamDesign’s cloud-based furniture project management software with CRM, accounting, manufacturer integrations, and project planning tools was designed especially for busy office furniture dealers. Affordable and easy to use, TeamDesign allows you to plan, track, and report on every aspect of your business.

RF Persona Acsellerate
Need to improve your sales cycle?

Easily increase sales

Need to improve your sales cycle?

With one license included in TeamDesign, Acsellerate CRM with advanced reporting provides your organization with all the information and tools necessary to manage leads in your sales pipeline, effectively monitor sales, and identify opportunities to increase your ROI.

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RF Persona Cognytics
Lacking business insight?

Find the true cost of business

Lacking business insight?

Advanced dashboards and analytics powered by the Cognytics™ platform allow data to seamlessly flow between departments like accounting, inventory, service, and sales, pulling this data into visual reports that provide insightful information like never before.

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TD Persona Vendor Integrations
Spending hours on ordering?

Save time with integrations

Spending hours on ordering?

Not only does TeamDesign interface with every major electronic specifying package, it also integrates with major wholesalers and manufacturers to help you speed up the proposal and ordering process. See the TeamDesign manufacturer integrations that will save you time and money.

TeamDesign has been the software of choice for contract furniture dealers since 1984.

Learn more about TeamDesign

TeamDesign is a cloud-based project management system custom-built for businesses that design, sell, and install complete office workspaces. Today, 1,400+ companies trust TeamDesign to maximize their profitability by automating daily business processes like marketing, quoting, project management, accounting, purchasing, and ordering.

What can TeamDesign do for your business?

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Add-on Solutions

Expand your business to ensure better customer service.

TeamDesign technology solutions help you offer the best in customer service and are seamlessly integrated, so you’re not working in multiple software platforms to perform tasks and retrieve information.

TD Add On Integrated Payment Processing NET1

Integrated Payment Processing

Lowest guaranteed overall processing costs.

Streamline payment processes

Integrated Payment Processing

Save $50–$300 a Month by Switching to NET1 Payment Processing

With more than 100,000 merchants, ECI’s preferred credit card processor, NET1 helps dealers streamline payment processing, improve customer data security, and enhance customer service. NET1 payment processing is fully integrated with TeamDesign so you don’t have to log out of it and into NET1 to process payments. It provides seamless, PCI compliant transactions for your ecommerce shoppers.

  • No modem or credit card machine required, no software training needed
  • Includes direct technical support and convenient 24-hour access to payment processing and reporting
  • Features automated recurring billing

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TD Add On Expert On site Total Business Review

Expert On-Site Total Business Review

Streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Examine your operations

Expert On-Site Total Business Review

Get Guaranteed Consultation Services

Expert On-Site Total Business Review provides your dealership with a comprehensive business review with best-practice recommendations and modifications tailored to your unique needs. ECI's experts will examine operations and logistics, accounting, reporting and auditing, billing and workflow, inventory control, and your online ecommerce store.

Premier Account Management is the highest level of service and support that TeamDesign offers. Keeping your business running smoothly with dedicated one-on-one consultants when and where you need it most, the services features a two day on-site consultation each year to review your goals and challenges to help solidify your business plan.

Ready to improve your business efficiency?

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TD Add On Features

Expanded Features

Grow TeamDesign and your business.

Explore optional modules

Expanded Features

Expand TeamDesign Features and Capabilities

Rentals: Track rentals, mock-ups, warehouse space and loaners by both salesperson and customer.

Service Work Orders: Track time and materials for each job. Maintain open-ended work orders to simplify warranty work and reconfigurations.

Smart Stuff: Extend reporting capabilities for specialized reports, lists, queries, and labels from browser-displayed data.

Inventory Imports: Import third-party catalogs directly into TeamDesign without rekeying data. Supports standard SIF-format catalog files, as well as specialized third-party catalogs.

Collections: Track collection call information online including invoice number, contact, call data, and general comments. Manage collection notes on A/R aging reports.

Bill of Materials (BOM): Automate production processes for furniture manufacturing or refurbishing. Develop assemblies by defining component parts and quantities.

Stock Purchase Orders: Identify both fast- and slow-moving items and re-orders stock products as needed. Balance purchases against inventory turns.

Marketing: Build customized marketing profiles and add user-defined marketing fields. Allow field sorting and printing of customer and marketing reports.

Quick Quotes: Streamline management of showroom sales. Generate quotes from the showroom to handle “off-the-street” traffic.

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Vendor Integrations Brief Resource Tile

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The Value of Vendor Integrations

Integrating your business management system with wholesalers and vendors to establish a Private Supply Network (PSN) allows you to streamline your business processes.

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So, what is anERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a fancy term for business management software and is the suite of integrated programs that you rely on to get business done.

Team Design Brochure Resource Tile

fact sheet

Business Management System for Contract Furniture Dealers

Fully integrated software takes the guesswork out of ordering and ensuresyour projects are accurate and on time, every time.

Team Design Brochure Resource Tile


Software Developed for Contract Furniture Dealers

TeamDesign is a fully integrated project management software for contract office furniture dealers and wholesalers.

Team Design EOE Case Study R Esource Tile

case study

EOE Furniture

TeamDesign helps online dealer survive a difficult economy

10 Steps to Ensure ERP Selection2


10 Steps to Ensure You Select the Right Software for Your Business

Choosing the right ERP system for your business can be overwhelming. Use this checklist to make sure you are getting the right ERP.

Vendor Integrations Brief Resource Tile


Vendor Integrations Make Purchasing Easy

Discover how you can connect your business system directly to the vendors your work with every day.

If Your Software Cant Grow Neither Can You Resource Tile


If Your ERP Can't Grow, Neither Can You

The more efficient your company is and the easier the processes are, the better the customer service.

TeamDesign is the choice of the contract furniture industry since 1984.

TeamDesign helps us manage the full range of functions and operations in our business—from proposals and acknowledgements to delivery tickets and invoicing. It gives us everything we need.

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