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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Manufacturing & Millwork

Understand margin impact and maintain consistent manufacturing practices on specific items

With Spruce software you can maintain consistent manufacturing practices and determine whether specific manufactured items are helping or hurting your bottom line. Seamlessly produce Shop Work Order documents that tie directly to the Customer order. All costs flow from Work Order docs directly/automatically into Sales Orders to show true gross profit. Work Order scheduling/progress is visible which improves communication within your organization. Improve efficiency by automating your processes and tracking costs.

Whether you hang doors, mull windows, fabricate trusses, stairs or wall panels, or just assemble a few odds and ends, Spruce’s Manufacturing module has you covered. Use it to automate your process and properly track costs so your shop isn’t a constant excuse for adjusting entries and low margins.

Work Order

Manufacture items for stock, driven from the Manufacturing & Millwork application. For example, use Spruce Manufacturing to hang doors you will stock, to assemble outdoor furniture, dog houses, wheelbarrows, grills—anything you will put on the floor and sell pre-assembled.

Manufacture items to order as driven from Point of Sale. If a customer orders an item you will assemble just for that order (not for stock), the process can be initiated from within the customer order.

Easily view the status of open and completed work orders. Everyone can see the status of stocked items, whether they are raw materials for manufactured goods or items you manufacture for stock. Items are properly shown throughout the system as committed and on order—available quantities take all manufacturing into account.

Include special orders in goods that will be manufactured. If a customer wants you to hang a special order slab, the process is tightly integrated with purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable and it logically follows your real procedures.

Track profitability by item or work order, taking all manufacturing costs into account.

Use Crystal Reports to mine detailed data and learn more about what you’re doing right and wrong in your shop.

Include a defined manufacturing process. This can include typical processing duration, any number of stages, labor, and other adders and adjustments, all of which can be overridden if necessary during the processing of an individual work order.

Include default material lists with unlimited levels and options for items, comments and prompts. The choices can be defaulted, optional or mandatory.

Automatically notify the appropriate people via email and system messages when manufactured items are placed on customer orders and when work orders are completed.

Ready to better track your costs and automate processes?

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