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Installed Sales

Manage installed sales from within your Spruce software

The installed sales module is integrated with other parts of the Spruce software, including orders, special orders, open tickets, G/L and A/P. All of the aspects of an installed sale can be managed in one place. Items can be ticketed on departure or return.  Extra materials can be added to the original order anytime, or a separate order can be placed and linked to the installed sale. All documents are automatically added and external documents can be attached. Estimated vs. actual values (Materials, Labor, Tax, Billing, Collection) are collected and analyzed to show profit.

The Installed sales module includes features such as:

  • Progress billing
  • Change orders
  • Mix stocked and special-order items
  • Unlimited ticketing
  • Set up installation any time during order process
  • Multiple orders on a single contract
  • Accurate tracking of materials used throughout the process
  • Account for both employee labor and third-party expenses
  • Accurate tax reporting
  • Completely integrated with AP, AR and GL
  • Margin, profit and performance analysis
  • Unlimited billing periods

All features included in standard licenses—no additional charges or extra support fees!

Avoid cost overruns by understanding your expenses and the effect they have on the profitability of installed sales jobs.

Profitability Chart

Need help managing your installed sales?

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