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Software crafted for LBM dealers


Automate the busywork, save time, and reduce dispatcher call volume 

Automate the busywork and eliminate constant calls to the dispatcher without removing their control over this important process. The mobile app allows the driver to obtain a signature as proof of delivery as well as take pictures of the material drop that will automatically tie directly to that document. Send notifications to customers via email or text to let them know the truck is on the road, they are the next stop, or after the delivery has been made. GPS map your trucks to inspect a bread-crumb trail of where that truck has been and how long it has spent at any one location. Software includes a load scheduler (dispatch control panel) and you can organize deliveries easily using drag and drop. Receive overweight truck alerts and improve efficiency with printed, barcoded manifest documents for delivery drivers.

Even if you have a great dispatcher, you can still benefit by automating the tasks that require numerous bulletin boards, dry erase pens, cubby-holes, clipboards and paper.

Spruce will help you:

  • Reduce cost and save time in the delivery process
  • Improve dispatcher productivity and efficiency
  • Prevent lost/forgotten orders
  • Eliminate guesswork involved with calculating the weight of your trucks
  • Provide drivers the information they need to work quickly and effectively
  • Make delivery status available to everyone within the Spruce system— no need to pick up the phone!
  • Reduce stress when your dispatcher is on vacation

Ready to automate the busywork and reduce calls to your dispatcher?

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