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Credit Card Integration

Protect customer information and eliminate discrepancies

With changing technology and security requirements, you want to know your software is protecting your business and your customers’ credit card information. Spruce has a secure payment process, allowing customers to keep a credit card on file, and ensure that their card info is protected. With integrated credit card processing, you eliminate the potential for discrepancies between your merchant totals and data in your system—no need to rekey credit card sales into your business system. The software can also handle the latest mobile payment technology*, helping you serve a new generation of customers! NET1 is the preferred payment processor for ECI. 

Certain capabilities and features may vary depending on your program. Contact your account manager for details.

*Mobile payment options include Apply Pay, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay, and NFC. Available on some integrations. Ask for details. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

Ready for the latest integrated payment technology?

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