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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Cloud based software

Improve data protection and reduce up-front software expense

When evaluating software options, you want to make sure it’s the right fit for your business and an affordable long-term solution. Spruce is cloud-based, which means there are no upfront fees and no expensive servers to buy and maintain. Your data is also backed up automatically and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in the event of a natural disaster, fire or theft. Your data is encrypted and backed by firewalls for maximum security, so only you can access your data. This eliminates worry, saves your employees’ time, and keeps your business protected. Plus, since your data is in the cloud, you always have access to your business information – 24/7/365! If you are at a show and want to make a volume purchase, you can access your system, look at sales history, and handle the order from any location.

Ready to better protect your data?

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