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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Transform the way you work with Spruce's software

Our flagship lumber yard software integrates and streamlines every component of your workflow to make you more competitive in an industry dominated by large corporations. The modules, including inventory, purchasing and receiving, point-of-sale, and accounting are interconnected in one easy-to-use business management system.

Document management

The Spruce system is built around document management functionality—it's the glue that connects each module of the software. All transactions in the software are automatically linked together, including handwritten or faxed records produced outside the system. Save time by easily accessing your customer’s quote, order, PO, receiving documents and sales invoice with the push of a button and on one screen. Improve communication in your organization as anyone can answer customer inquiries.


Spruce software includes everything you need to easily manage all aspects of your accounting process. Your company will be able to automatically email customers their statements or invoices, saving time in your A/R process. You can also easily track purchase history and allocate payments appropriately. You can set up accounts to apply payments automatically to the oldest invoices or you can decide specific invoices to apply the payment. With flexible search options and real-time information, your A/R process will be a breeze. Improve efficiency with all accounting information available and cross-referenced in one place.


Having access to important information about your business is key to making good decisions and driving future performance. The reports are permission based so you can decide which employees in your organization have access, and data is easily exported to Excel®, PDF or HTML so you can review and edit your documents on your terms! Reports are also hyperlinked to key documents, so you have immediate access to the documentation you need.

Graphical analytics

Graphical Analytics, the Spruce business intelligence tool, provides a clear, visual view of the health of your operations. It comes with a predefined series of charts and queries, allowing you to select those that are most useful for your business, tweak them, and save them to your analytics panel for quick access. Quickly retrieve the information that enables you to make quick, appropriate business decisions and stay informed on day-to-day operations. No need to wait on reports! Optional Alerts can be configured to proactively notify you of events that could impact your business.

Purchasing & inventory

Ensuring that your business has the right items on the shelves is key to keeping customers coming back. Stocking the wrong items or too much inventory is costly for your business and ties up cash that can be invested in other areas. Spruce provides the tools you need to make sure you purchase and stock the right inventory and seamless integration with vendors make the process easy and fast! The software offers plenty of options to save time in your purchasing process, including automated ordering and the ability to order stock based on past POs. Special orders are easy to process, and with vendor catalogs and images are integrated into the system you can rest assured that you’re ordering the right items. Consolidated purchasing allows multi-location customers to assess the needs of the entire enterprise, improving efficiency and maximizing volume discounts.


Providing superior customer service is one of the things that separates you from the Big Box stores. Spruce is designed to get customers through the checkout process quickly and effectively, helping to create a positive experience with your business. Your cashiers can quickly scan items, enter SKUs or look them up in the system. Processing returns are painless with Spruce, keeping your customers and employees happy. Customer lookup is easy, and transactions can be sent by email, or fax—providing flexibility for the customer and saving paper in your business. You can even import data from external software like window manufacturers or design tools, eliminating the need to rekey these items into POS or purchasing—which saves time and prevents mistakes.


Don't purchase an expensive add on solution to manage your rentals operation. With the Spruce rentals module, you can manage this branch of your business more efficiently with-in the confines of your Spruce system. Set rental rates and parameters based on hour, half day, day, week, month. Easily create reservations for items and rental contracts. Sell add on items with rental on the same invoice and seamlessly collect deposits on rentals. Leverage an integrated calendar for rental availability. Account for late returns or items that are returned damaged. Custom rental reports are also included.

Installed sales

The installed sales module is integrated with other parts of the Spruce software, including orders, special orders, open tickets, G/L and A/P. All of the aspects of an installed sale can be managed in one place. Installer tickets item on departure or return. Add extra materials to the original order or make a separate order. All documents automatically added or can be attached. Estimated vs. actual values (Materials, Labor, Tax, Billing, Collection) are collected and analyzed to show profit.

Manufacturing & millwork

With Spruce software you can maintain consistent manufacturing practices and determine whether specific manufactured items are helping or hurting your bottom line. Seamlessly produce Shop Work Order documents that tie directly to the Customer order. All costs flow from WO docs directly/automatically into Sales Orders to show true gross profit. Work Order scheduling/progress is visible which improves communication within your organization. Improve efficiency by automating your processes and tracking costs.


Automate the busywork and eliminate constant calls to the dispatcher without removing their control over this important process. The mobile app allows the driver to obtain a signature as proof of delivery as well as take pictures of the material drop that will automatically tie directly to that document. Send notifications to customers via email or TXT to let them know the truck is on the road, they are the next stop, or after the delivery has been made. GPS map your trucks to inspect a bread-crumb trail of where that truck has been and how long it has spent at any one location. Software includes a load scheduler (dispatch control panel) and you can organize deliveries easily using drag and drop. Receive overweight truck alerts and improve efficiency with printed, barcoded manifest documents for delivery drivers.


In today’s competitive environment, you need to access you data at all times and from anywhere. Spruce offers mobility options to access the software on tablets, allowing you to manage your business on the go. Spruce AnyWare™ offers a mobile application for your employees, and ProLink™ which is a mobile app for your end users. Both mobile apps improve efficiency and communication within your business, and help position you as a customer focused and friendly organization.

Credit card integration

With changing technology and security requirements, you want to know your software is protecting your business and your customers’ credit card information. Spruce has a tokenization process, allowing customers to keep a credit card on file, and ensure that their card info is protected. With integrated credit card processing, you eliminate the potential for discrepancies between your merchant totals and data in your system—no need to rekey credit card sales into your business system. The software can also handle the latest payment technology including Apple Pay® and Google Wallet™ payment service, helping you serve a new generation of customers! Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

Cloud based

When evaluating software options, you want to make sure it’s the right fit for your business and an affordable long-term solution. Spruce is cloud-based, which means there’s no upfront fees and no expensive servers to buy and maintain. Your data is also backed up automatically and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in the event of a nature disaster, fire or theft. Your data is encrypted and backed by firewalls for maximum security, so only you can access your data. This eliminates worry, saves your employees’ time, and keeps your business protected. Plus, since your data is in the cloud, you always have access to your business information – 24/7/365! If you are at a show and want to make a volume purchase, you can access your system, look at sales history, and handle the order from any location.

Ongoing training included

Some software providers charge a fee to access training information, but Spruce is committed to helping you learn the software and offers free training classes for our customers. We also provide a comprehensive knowledge center with user guides and documentation, in addition to our helpful support personnel.

World class, US based support team

If you need help with your software, you want to know that the person on the line understands you, your business and is available to support your needs. The Spruce team has the industry experience to support your business, and has the track record of satisfied customers to prove it!

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