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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Spruce makes ordering and maintaining our inventory easier

Lumberyard Purchasing Manager

Using Sprucesoftware, keeping a close eye on our inventory is easy and has improved our bottom line

With Spruce lumberyard inventory management software, we have the ability to simplify the purchasing and receiving process and manage our inventory better using: 

  • Vendor communications with all major co-ops and suppliers
  • Automated ordering
  • Special orders

This lumberyard inventory management system has simplified my job in so many ways. Before Spruce, I would spend days working through the ordering process and managing our inventory. Now those same procurement processes take just hours to complete, and the system generates documents and records that I can easily reference for future orders. Plus, we keep inventory levels in check which has drastically affected our bottom line for the better. Minimum and maximum quantities can be automated, which reduces shelf space needs, back stock and the amount of time spent determining order quantities. Best of all, I can do it from anywhere—with complete remote access to the system, I can visit vendor catalogs and continue placing orders offsite.

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