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Software crafted for LBM dealers

My LBM business works smarter with Spruce


With Spruce ERP for lumberyards, everything is managed in one package and I get a snapshot of the entire business in real-time

Key features I use:

  • Graphical Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile apps for 24/7/365 access

Spruce has given me the ability to view the big picture of how my business is performing and drill down into the areas that need my attention. Order fulfillment, sales, delivery, inventory–it all works seamlessly together. Why is this important? Because my staff and I spend less time tracking down information and entering data and more time serving customers.  

Employees are more productive and new hires and seasonal help get up and running immediately because the software is so easy to use. Our yard staff access the software on their tablets so they don’t have to be tied to a cash stand to create orders.

Spruce lumberyard ERP is cost-effective; everything we need is included. We don’t want to be nickel and dimed once we’re committed. And we don’t want to spend on computer hardware or people to run the system, so that it’s cloud-based is a real bonus!

When all is said and done, Spruce lumberyard ERP is the only system that gives us everything we need.

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