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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Spruce—Everything to Manage Your Business in ONE Software

Spruce® software helps make building material dealerships and lumberyard processes time and cost efficient

Spruce lumberyard ERP software is the only system that gives me everything I need to run the business


Spruce has made my business run more efficiently because:

  • Order fulfillment, sales, delivery, inventory and accounting all work seamlessly together
  • My staff and I spend less time tracking down information and entering data and more time serving customers
  • The easy-to-use software helps my employees be more productive and seasonal staff get up to speed quickly
  • Our yard staff accesses the software on their tablets so they don’t have to be tied to a cash stand to create orders
  • Graphical analytics and reports let me see exactly how my business is doing
  • Mobile apps give me 24/7/365 access

Spruce lumberyard ERP is cost-effective; everything we need is included. We don’t want to be nickel-and-dimed once we’re committed. And we don’t want to spend on computer hardware or people to run the system, so that it’s cloud-based is a real bonus!

Using the Spruce building materials software I’m making better business decisions, based on real-time data


I've got a business to run, customers to serve and employees to manage; Spruce helps me by:

  • Tracking orders from the initial transaction to the finished order
  • Flowing everything through a document management system so I can access contracts, orders, and any transaction quickly
  • Managing inventory from ordering, delivery and stocking, and ensuring we stock the right amounts so that we have no outages or items gathering dust
  • Simplifying workflow processes so my staff requires less hands-on management and I can spend more time helping customers

Spruce business management software simplified my job and my day is now a lot less stressful. Instead of wasting time putting out fires and figuring out glitches in our operations, I have time to trim the fat in our spending and find ways to improve our business practices. I’m doing more of what I do best.

Our business data is accurate, up to date, and easy to access thanks to Spruce™ lumberyard accounting software


Spruce’s integrated document management/accounting system saves me hours compared to using a separate software for accounting because:

  • There’s no need to manually input data from an accounting system into a business management system or vice versa
  • All transactions link to the corresponding accounts within the document management system; I’m rarely on the phone, in my email, or digging through paper files trying to get documents I need
  • Accounts receivable, accounts payable, rebate tracking, and the general ledger all track to the point-of-sale, so everything is at my fingertips
  • I can email statements and invoices, saving money on photocopies and postage
  • Information presents in real-time, so I know exactly how the business stands at any given time

I love the Spruce accounting software for lumberyards because I can finally work 9 to 5 again!

Using Spruce lumber software, keeping a close eye on our inventory is easy and has improved our bottom line


With Spruce, we have the ability to simplify the purchasing and receiving process and management of our inventory using:

  • Vendor communications with all major co-ops and suppliers for quick and easy purchase orders
  • Automated ordering for repeat orders, saving lots of time
  • Special orders WHAT IS THE BENEFIT?
  • Automated minimum and maximum quantities, reducing shelf space needs, back stock, and the amount of time spent determining order quantities
  • Remote access—I can visit vendor catalogs and continue placing orders offsite

Before Spruce, I would spend days working through the ordering process and managing our inventory. Now those same procurement processes take just hours to complete, and the system generates documents and records that I can easily reference for future orders. Plus, we keep inventory levels in check which has drastically affected our bottom line for the better.

Spruce lumberyard software's point-of-sale features allow me to serve our customers better


Using Spruce, I feel like more of a customer service specialist rather than just a cash register jockey because I can:

  • Look customers up and recommend products based on buying habits
  • Print, email or fax invoices right from the POS as part of the transaction—whichever is best for the customer
  • Save transactions for future orders, which makes customers feel valued
  • Easily create special orders, which goes a long way toward earning customer loyalty
  • Schedule delivery as part of the checkout process, saving everyone time
  • Take an order over the phone, based on previous orders, and ship it or have it ready for pick up
  • Use a tablet or my smartphone while helping a customer on the sales floor or in the lumberyard and build their purchase as we go so that paying out is a breeze

The customer service team is the face of the company, the people our customers ask for by name. As the bread and butter of the operation, we need the tools to go above and beyond in meeting customer needs. Spruce business management software makes it easy for us to do that!

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