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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Business software for lumber, building materials and hardware dealers

Spruce software equips your employees to work as a team that can successfully compete against larger operations with advantages of scale. A cloud-based system built with LBMH dealers in mind, it automates time-consuming daily processes, enabling your staff to focus on tasks that enhance customer loyalty.

Business modules that include point-of-sale, inventory, purchasing and receiving, and accounting are integrated within one easy-to-use system, streamlining processes and allowing you to work at peak efficiency. That’s why so many Spruce customers think of our software as the engine that powers their growth.

Mobile technologies let you take your business on the go

Spruce’s mobility functionality via Spruce AnyWare enables you to take your LBM business with you on the go, whether you’re in the store, in the warehouse, or on the tradeshow floor.

Improve employee efficiency and customer satisfaction by accessing your Spruce POS software system on a mobile tablet. Allow mobile signature capture, perform physical counts, generate mobile invoices, create inventory receipts, generate tags/labels, and more—all on your mobile device!

What makes Spruce lumber and building material software different?

  • Industry experience

    Spruce was originally developed by a group of hardware dealers and is trusted in the industry.

  • Cloud based

    Spruce uses cloud-based technology to provide greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-savings.

  • Document Management

    All transactions connect through a series of documents that are automatically linked—even handwritten or faxed records.

  • New, intuitive interface

    With one screen and easy-to-understand menu, there is no need to bounce between back office and point-of-sale screens.

  • Mobility

    Access Spruce from mobile devices to handle any situation from anywhere.

  • Adaptability

    Technology that can adapt to the changing needs of the LBMH industry.

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