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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Spruce® Suite of Solutions

Business software for lumber, building materials and hardware dealers

How do smaller businesses compete against LBM giants?

How does Spruce help smaller businesses compete against LBMH giants? 

Since 1985, Spruce®lumberyard software has empowered independent lumber, building materials and hardware businesses to compete with the big box stores—and win.

Spruce equips your employees to work as a team that can successfully compete against larger operations with advantages of scale. A cloud-based system built with LBMH dealers in mind, it automates time-consuming daily processes, enabling your staff to focus on tasks that enhance customer loyalty. Business modules that include point-of-sale, inventory, purchasing and receiving, and accounting are integrated within one easy-to-use system, streamlining processes and allowing you to work at peak efficiency. That’s why so many Spruce customers think of our software as the engine that powers their growth.

World-class technology, with industry-leading simplicity and affordability

Spruce is the first Windows® powered system designed for the LBMH industry using the Microsoft®.NET framework and SQL Server™ database platform. The system includes all the modules your business needs with no unexpected add-on expenses.

With cloud-based hosting, start-up and maintenance costs are minimal, with no need for local server hardware or IT personnel. You also receive the latest software updates automatically, and you can scale Spruce to meet your needs as you grow.

World-class technology, with industry-leading simplicity and affordability
Integrating the latest mobile technologies

Conduct business on the go using mobile apps

Spruce offers a suite of mobile applications to enable your staff and your customers do business anywhere—not just at the cash stand:

  • Spruce AnyWare™ allows you to access up-to-date business information and even create live customer orders right from your phone or tablet.
  • Spruce ProLink™ enables your customers to connect with your company 24/7, submit orders and quote requests, view documents, check balances, and more.

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