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Software crafted for LBM dealers

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Spruce_websitegraphic-AboutUs OVERSERVING THE LBM INDUSTRY30 YEARS

A legacy of industry-leading technology

ECi Spruce innovates business intelligence for the lumber and building materials industries with superior technology and service. Our flagship software, Spruce®, empowers more than 15,000 users to access information, manage workflows, analyze operations and grow their businesses—quicker and easier than ever before.

Since 1985, Spruce lumberyard software has been an engine of growth for LBM businesses. Nineteen visionaries launched the company when they realized the potential for technology to streamline LBM operations and inventories. With software from Finserv, they developed the original full-featured UNIX-based SprucePlus. Continual enhancements maintained our industry leadership until the acquisition of Anasys Windows® based software in 2000. This was the catalyst for developing the industry’s most advanced and easy-to-use software, based on the Microsoft®.NET framework. 

SpruceWare.NET lumberyard software system was released in 2006. Years of consistent client growth prompted our acquisition in 2015 by ECi Software Solutions, a company known for high-quality software solutions in niche industries. With ECi’s resources, Spruce has added cloud-based access, state-of-the-art features, mobility applications and cross-platform functionality.

A culture of service and training

The ECi Spruce culture rewards employees for delivering an unrivaled customer experience. The industry’s best training and personal support ensure every user enjoys a confident transition. Our culture rewards accurate answers and quick resolutions. In short, our culture rewards the virtues we know our customers show their customers: honesty, integrity, and commitment.

Empowering informed decisions

Corporate competition, industry consolidation, and changing distribution practices make it essential to alter the way you do business. The Spruce lumberyard software integrates and streamlines all of your business operations. Now you can access real-time information, analyze operations, manage workflows, and make informed decisions quicker and easier than ever before.

Driving profitability and growth

With the industry’s most advanced business management system, you become more responsive and proactive in serving your customers. The Spruce lumberyard software drives your growth by empowering you with the intelligence you need to become your customers’ preferred provider.

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