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Software crafted for LBM dealers

The Right Lumber Software is the Best Tool

Spruce software and technology provide end-to-end management for lumber and building materials businesses like yours.

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Choosing the right cloud-based software to run your business is as important as choosing the right tool for a job.

Watch a quick 2-minute video below to learn how Spruce software can take your business to the next level with: Easy-to-Use Software, Point of Sale, Delivery Dispatch, Purchasing, Integrated GL, Business Analytics and much more!

Cloud-based Business Management Software for Lumber and Building Materials Dealers

  • Point of Sale

    Designed to get your customers and employees through the check-out process quickly and effectively.

  • Accounting

    Easily set up, view and manage all phases of accounting and automatically close out billing cycles each month.

  • Installed Sales

    Tight integration with vendors makes purchasing easy and fast.

  • Purchasing

    Spruce gives you the tools to stock the right levels of inventory all year long. Tight integration with vendors makes purchasing easy and fast.

  • Rentals

    More efficiently manage this branch of your business within the confines of your Spruce system.

  • Manufacturing & Millwork

    Maintain consistent manufacturing practices and determine whether specific manufactured items are helping or hurting your bottom line.

  • Reporting

    Better access to business knowledge means better decision making.

  • Delivery

    Automate the busywork and eliminate constant calls to the dispatcher without removing their control over this important process.

  • Mobile

    Two applications are available—AnyWare to take business on the go and ProLink to give your customers 24/7/365 access to your business and their accounts.

Learn how Spruce’s features can help you grow your lumber and building materials business.

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Reduce headaches and streamline your business


Inventory doesn’t have to be a pain

Watch this short video to learn how Spruce software takes the tedium out of the inventory process. Inventory levels automatically update from the POS and scanners lets you take a count just by walking around the store. Make inventory fun (or at least less boring) while reducing errors.

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Stop spending hours processing month-end statements

Watch this 90-second video to see how Spruce software can help simplify your statement and invoicing processes, saving you time and money every month. Reduce paper. Save postage. Be more productive.

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Electronic catalogs provide instant access to non-stock items

Watch this 1-minute video to learn how Spruce software can help you compete with the “big guys” by providing instant access to items from your wholesaler, co-op, or other vendors. With accurate cost and availability, you can grab the opportunity and take the order!

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