Customer Management

ThermoGrid helps you deliver an exceptional customer experience from the first touch. Using VOIP, ThermoGrid recognizes customer numbers and automatically pulls up all the data, including all locations.

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Keep customers happy

All client details are accessible by technicians who can retrieve customer data instantly to verify conversations, needs, and maintenance schedules.

Eliminate costly errors and get paid faster

With ThermoGrid, field techs can create their own invoices for parts and equipment.

Provide customers with options

For larger products, ThermoGrid offers "good, better, best" and "repair or replace" scenarios so that customers can compare pricing, features, and other details to make informed purchases.

Take payments at any time

ThermoGrid makes it easy to let customers use their payment method of choice, collect payment in-field using our mobile app, or follow up with an invoice automatically generated through our integration with QuickBooks.

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