Complete Contractor Management Software

Don’t settle for the status quo. Our ThermoGrid solution will help bring your business to the next level and make your competitors shake in their work boots.

TG Customer Service

Create a positive customer experience

Keep your customers happy by making it easy to work with you. With one-step invoicing, payments can be collected on time with little to no follow-up, and customers can choose from multiple payment methods for optimal convenience. Our ThermoGrid solution lets you send marketing emails or texts to drive new business.

Connect your entire team with all-in-one app

Help your team make sound estimates for new jobs and ensure repeat business with service membership agreements. With an in-the-field mobile app, your service technicians will be completely connected with your sales team and office.

Improve scheduling and dispatching

Make it easier to schedule and dispatch technicians into the field. With ThermoGrid, you can create a calendar with drag-and-drop functionality and gain a quick visual for dispatch to see where the team is throughout the day. The mobile app helps your sales and service teams create estimates, receive payments, and capture signatures while in the field.

TG Persona Dispatcher

Get your answers in one place

Find and report on the information you need to see how the business is doing. ThermoGrid’s daily management report provides a clear picture of how every department is performing against its KPIs. Quickly and efficiently understand your inventory levels, job costs, and other essential details in real-time so you can keep costs down and profit margins healthy.

TG Invoicing

Simplify accounting tasks with QuickBooks® integration


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Shafer Heating & Cooling LLC

“ThermoGrid has helped us to not only sustain our business while many in our industry were struggling, but we were able to continue growing through the pandemic! I do not think that would have been possible without ThermoGrid.”

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