KnowledgeSync Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Features

Fully integrated with your ECI business management software, as well as many third-party applications, KnowedgeSync combines business intelligence, alerts, and workflow automation to keep you informed on what matters most.

Take back hours of wasted time and labor

Everyone’s been feeling the pressure of recent staffing and hiring challenges. KnowledgeSync acts as a 24/7 invisible assistant that automates your reporting, routine messaging, and repetitive manual tasks so your staff can focus on the work they do best.

Stop chasing down late payments and overdue invoices

KnowledgeSync can be easily configured to send out friendly, automatic reminders to customers as they approach—or even meet and exceed—invoice due dates, helping you get paid faster and more consistently.

Eliminate the daily hunt for incomplete purchases orders

KnowledgeSync allows you to immediately know which orders are complete, as well as which ones are outstanding or at-risk. You can receive these alerts via text or email as soon as they arise, or set a summary email to send daily at whatever time works best for you.

Keep your floor productive—and HR ahead of the game

KnowledgeSync monitors which team members are in the building at all times, giving you real-time staffing insights that can help you quickly identify areas of staffing improvement—and quickly pivot to address them.

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