Core Features

JobBOSS2 fully integrates your estimating, purchasing, quality control, orders, and more so your job shop business can run at maximum efficiency. This solution offers flexible core functions for complete visibility and control.

Enjoy turnkey efficiency with JobBOSS2

Maximize time and profits with simple and accurate estimating

Generate quick quotes with a single mouse click. Fax or email quotes directly from your workstation to get an estimate in the customer’s hand as soon as possible.

Take control of your orders and production process

You can’t afford to have your staff doing repetitive and needless work. Automate this part of your business by using software that automatically converts your estimates into orders.

Automatically manage material, reduce scrap, and increase profitability

The JobBOSS2 solution lets you take back control of your materials purchasing process. You will purchase and produce more efficiently than ever, reducing your costs and increasing your bottom line.

Scheduling allows you to meet timeframes and expectations with ease

Whiteboard scheduling lets you see bottlenecks before they arise, and the scheduling software monitors all machine and job aspects.

Eliminate waste and inefficiencies with shop data collection

Get a clear view of your shop’s operations with the Collection Module. Gain transparency into your shop’s true costs so you can set accurate prices and boost your profitability.

With quality control, boost your shop’s competitive advantage

JobBOSS2 is a fully integrated quality system that manages specific areas of engineering and supply-chain activities for the sole purpose of improving business performance and profitability.

Track every order and increase profits with a powerful shipping function

The shipping module works seamlessly with the other modules in the software. When you’re ready to ship, simply print off the delivery ticket, shipping slip, and any other documentation that you need.

Simplify and streamline your accounting

Simplify your accounting and produce clear, concise financial reports. JobBOSS² lets you take control of your bottom line by integrating with estimating, purchasing, and scheduling.


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Co-founder and President of ACP Solutions

“With JobBOSS, if we need to rework an order for any reason, all necessary information is readily available in real-time and any changes we make flow right through the system.”

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