Advanced Features

Watch your revenue profits increase while maintaining efficiency across the board. With a robust set of additional features, M1 helps you create the ultimate business solution that is tailored and flexible to meet your specific company needs.

Effortlessly configure products to the exact needs of your customers

Struggling to keep track of employees’ activities on the shop floor?

Easily take your ERP to the next level

Aerospace and Defense manufacturers can move to the cloud with an ITAR platform

ECI can offer an ITAR platform for any M1 aerospace and defense manufacturers who are customers or prospects and want to stay on top of technology with moving to a secure, cloud environment.

Add advanced inventory to dive deeper into your process and materials

Reduce costs, save time, and increase sales with the Advanced Inventory application. Take advantage of the core inventory features and gain stocking locations, multiple part number references, and more.

Ensure warehouse transactions are completed in real-time for better visibility

The Warehouse Management system completes all transactions within the singular environment and ensures a level of process control and data integrity that separate systems struggle with. You can also synchronize multiple site locations and facilities to reduce the risk of errors.

Eliminate costly production mistakes and improve accuracy with an Advanced BOM

The Advanced Bill of Materials (BOM) function can efficiently handle revision controls, add serial numbers, and track lot numbers for better inventory management to help lower costs.

Manage your foreign currency transactions with confidence

Exchange rates between your home currency and a foreign currency are easily managed to ensure you recognize exchange rate gains and losses accurately with the M1 multi-currency function.

Users can have personalized data-driven dashboards to aid business decisions

People in all departments of your business that are adding orders, purchasing materials, scheduling jobs, and clocking in and out of Shop Floor Entry can have dashboards tailored for each role.

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