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Manufacturers worldwide rely on M1 ERP software

M1 manufacturing ERP software helps companies grow by integrating every facet of their business within a single, robust system. From accounting to inventory, purchasing, sales, and production, to shipping and receiving, M1 streamlines critical daily processes. The advantage M1 provides is real-time visibility into all aspects of your business, enabling you to respond proactively as needs arise. M1 fits the way you do business, helping you grow your operation, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.
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M1 manufacturing ERP software provides the tools you need to meet your unique business requirements

Manufacturing companies struggle to operate efficiently when data is scattered across the organization, within multiple software programs, and critical processes are disconnected. M1 ties your business operations together in one centralized system, providing information at your fingertips.

  • Sales

    Simplify and streamline your sales process

  • Engineering

    Configure jobs to the exact needs of your customers

  • Inventory

    Control costs and improve cash flow

  • Purchasing

    Make better purchasing decisions with insightful data

  • Production

    Use real-time data to manage your shop floor proactively

  • Quality Assurance

    Maintain conformance throughout your production process

  • Shipping

    Track orders in and out to deliver on time

  • Accounting

    Manage and view every financial aspect of your business in one place

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Key manufacturing verticals

M1 manufacturing ERP software is a versatile management system especially suited for metal fabrication, job shops, and industrial machinery.

  • metal fabrication

    Metal Fabrication

  • Job shop


  • manufacturing ERP software

    Industrial Machinery

Industry sectors served

Customers of M1 manufacturing ERP software serves a variety of industries and our customers reflect that diversity; helping small- to medium-sized manufacturers, including multi-country organizations.

  • Aerospace


  • manufacturing ERP software


  • High Tech

    High Tech

  • Furniture, doors and windows

    Furniture, Doors and Windows

  • manufacturing ERP software


  • Medical Devices

    Medical Devices

  • Wood and wood products

    Wood and Wood Products

  • Rubber and plastic products

    Rubber and Plastic Products

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May Group increased efficiency and streamlined their production

M1 helps May Group run a lean, efficient manufacturing business. By centralizing information, May Group seamlessly manages multiple areas of the business, including production, scheduling, inventory, engineering, shipping, and more. M1 enables May Group to make informed business decisions by providing visibility into their manufacturing process.

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