Software for Window, Door, or Millwork Manufacturers

Spruce software automates processes
and accurately tracks costs to improve margins

Automate your business and maintain consistent manufacturing practices.

Whether you hang doors, mull windows, fabricate trusses, stairs or wall panels, or just assemble a few odds and ends, Spruce software has you covered. Automate your process and accurately track costs to understand the direct margin impact on your shop and improve the bottom line.

Software for Window, Door and Millwork Manufacturers

Watch this short video to learn how Spruce software can helps window, door, and millwork businesses succeed.

Software Designed for Window, Door, and Millwork Manufacturers

Streamline operations and drive growth

Manufacture Items for Stock

Hang doors, assemble outdoor furniture, dog houses, grills—anything preassembled for stock.

Manufacture Items to Order

Assemble items for specific orders (not for stock) and process immediately at point of sale.

Easily View Work Order Status

Everyone can see the status of stocked items, whether they are raw materials or for manufactured orders.

Seamless Special Orders

Eliminate manual processes by creating and tracking special orders right in the software.

Create Defined Manufacturing Processes

Include processing time, number of stages, labor, and other adjustments.

Accurately Track Profitability

Gain insight when you analyze items or work orders, taking all manufacturing costs into account.

Millwork features are essential for Davis-Hawn Lumber

Spruce easily converts lumber from the yard into finished molding, siding, and other custom products

Isn't it time to transform your window, door, or millwork business?


Completely Integrated Window, Door, or Millwork Software

Advanced features drive efficiency and profitability

Davis-Hawn Lumber Company Chose Spruce

Hear why Dave Reichert, President of Davis-Hawn Lumber Company, trusts Spruce software to grow his lumber and millwork business. Also, Bruce Schwanbeck, General Manager, shares how the inventory management features offer purchasing and margin insight that significantly improves operations.

Niehaus Companies Leverages Spruce for Their Diverse Businesses

In this video, David Niehaus from Niehaus Companies explains why Spruce software is a great fit for his manufacturing business. They utilize the software for wholesale distribution as well as manufacturing and installed sales.

Completely Integrated and Easy to Use

Hear David Niehaus from Niehaus Companies explain why his business switched to Spruce from a previously complex software system. He praises the software’s intuitive interface, integrated document management, and inclusive pricing structure.

JM Building Supply

Customer Case Study: JM Building Supply

“With Spruce, I have so many more reports that I didn’t have before. Keeping track of inventory is far easier and the program does a great job of managing our custom millwork shop. This enables us to capture our cost of labor and cost of goods sold in the shop in a way that we weren’t able to do before switching to Spruce.”

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Mc Coy Millwork

Customer Case Study: McCoy Millwork

Accounting Manager Kendra Hermann explains how both sales and profitability are up significantly, and that Spruce software played a key role in managing that growth. “Spruce has streamlined key areas of our operations and given us real-time information on the company that we really didn’t have with Dimensions.”

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