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Manage your remodeling projects
from start to finish with BuildTools.

Be more productive and profitable

Every remodeling project is unique and involves a lot of moving parts. BuildTools gives you the features you need to stay organized, have happier clients, and increase profitability.

BuildTools makes it easier for remodelers to manage projects, so you get time back in the day.

Create Estimates Quickly

Customize quotes based on room and manage proposals at every stage

Keep Everything on Track

Easily build and manage updates to your schedule with a few clicks

Stay on Budget

Manage budgets with accounting integrations, POs, and more

Easy to Use

Simpler workflow makes it easy to learn and use

Access Anywhere

Easy access to real-time information from in the office or in the field

Photos and Docs in One Spot

Share photos and keep project documents up to date at all times

Why do Remodelers use BuildTools for Project Management?

Having great lines of communication with our clients and trades is instrumental. BuildTools has allowed us to pull all that information into one centralized inbox for each project, so nothing gets missed.


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BuildTools Is Your Complete
Project Management Solution

Project Management is Easier with BuildTools

Take the hassle out of managing your projects

Provide quick estimates

Create estimates quickly

BuildTools helps you quickly create quotes and customize them for your clients. The simple interface lets you create estimates, just like working in a spreadsheet, and customize them based on room or location so you can tailor them to your client's budget. Send professional-looking proposals and manage them at each stage in the process.

Building Home Within Budget

Keep everything on track

View schedules across all your projects. Crews are notified of changes automatically, so everyone is up to date. Use the baseline feature to track any changes in your schedule over time. Stay in the know when things don’t go as planned.

Getting Construction Software Info

Improve communication

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful construction company. BuildTools allows for seamless communication from any module. No more “he-said, she-said” arguments. No more searching for a comment or email. Search every message through the unified inbox. All project communication is collected in one place and archived indefinitely.

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Make it easier to access
documents with Project Poster


Our patent-pending Project Poster is an industry first. This game-changing feature makes it easy to distribute documents in the field and simplifies communication.

No app to install. No login. No training.

Just take a photo of the Project Poster and access the up-to-date documents they need. Use it to provide more information at the job site for your crew or so homeowners can access a digital version of manuals or product warranty information.


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