Build Tools Construction Bid Management Software

Construction Bid Management Software

Painless bid solicitation and analysis

Simplified bid management for custom home builders and remodelers.

The key to any bid management system is getting buy-in from subcontractors and making it easy for them to get you the numbers you need. BuildTools streamlines the bidding process and makes it easy for subcontractors to submit their bids. We’ve learned that if you don’t make it simple, it simply won’t work.

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BuildTools Makes Bid Management Easier

Simplify the bidding process

Keep track of bids easily

Avoid back-and-forth communication

Reduce bid processing time

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Make the Bid Management Process Easier with BuildTools

Take the hassle out of communicating with, selecting, and budgeting subcontractors

Looking At Building Plans

Cut time out of the bidding process

Easily create a bid package that includes all the relevant specs, selections, and drawings with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Getting Construction Software Info

Keep project bids in one place

Keep all your bids and communication organized and easily accessible in the bids inbox. Send addendums, revisions, clarifications, and reminders in seconds.

Building Home Within Budget

Make fewer phone calls

Track the status of your bid packages in real-time, cutting back on the need to chase trades and suppliers for bids.

Make it easier for your subs to access documents on the job with Project Poster


Project Poster

Our patent-pending Project Poster is an industry first. This game-changing feature makes it easy to distribute construction documents in the field and simplifies communication with contractors.

No app to install. No login. No training.

Just take a photo of the Project Poster at the site and you can access the most current project documents and a real-time schedule, report progress and incidents, upload photos, and more.


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BuildTools Works as Hard as You Do

Everything you need in one easy to use tool. Check out these other features we think you’ll like!

Accounting sized


Reduce errors and increase profitability.

All you need to build and manage project budgets.

Cross-module integration connects everything together—specifications, selections, purchase orders, change orders, schedule phases—all tied to the appropriate budget code.

  • Take control of your costs
  • Real-time project costs at your fingertips
  • Messages subcontractor invoices with ease
Design center

Feature Overview

  • Keep projects on schedule with less effort.
  • Stay on top of changes and keep more money in your pocket.
  • Save time and costly errors with the QuickBooks® Desktop & QuickBooks® Online integration.
  • Keep your communication in one spot and everyone in the loop.
  • BuildTools enables clients to easily approve online selections, integrates with change orders, and more.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Stonewood Sven Gustafson 150x150 Regency Builders Nick Schoenheider 150x150
We went from doing $5 million worth of work to $25 million, without increasing staff. We’ve been able to grow without breaking because now we’ve got the structure to do it.

Stonewood Builders

Selections, documentations, change orders, scheduling, the ability to send emails and stay on top of everything. You take the human interaction out and let the automation do its thing! We can literally run the entire building of a home using one tool!

Regency Builders

Find out why builders and remodelers choose BuildTools to run their business.

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