Effortless Reporting and Analytics RSM

Effortless Reporting and Analytics

Industry-specific reports and dashboards
help you make decisions that grow the business.

Turn insight into action.

RockSolid MAX helps you manage your business with easy-to-run reports and intuitive dashboards. Many reports include links to documents in the system so that you can drill down to key details without digging through piles of paper. Plus, the software is cloud-based, so you can review your data from anywhere, helping you grow the business even when you can’t be at your business.

Industry-specific reporting and dashboard analytics

Get the insight you need to make good business decisions

Always drowning in spreadsheets?

Analyze reports or review dashboard metrics, without spreadsheets or specialized software.

Digging into the details difficult?

All transactions are linked in the software, so you can easily drill down to details from most reports.

Analyzing sales and profitability challenging?

The Daily Dashboard powered by Cognytics provides instant access to key metrics.

Frustrated with expensive or complex reporting modules?

Generate all reports included in the software without specialized add-ons or extensive training.

Overlooking key business metrics?

The Daily Dashboard keeps you informed without running multiple reports or managing complicated spreadsheets.

Taking days to perform financial reporting?

Simplify tedious month or year-end reporting with built-in and custom summaries.

Isn't it time to transform your business?


All the information you need in one software

Put your data to work to improve your business

Business Insight Made Easy!

The RockSolid MAX Daily Dashboard powered by Cognytics provides critical business insight through an easy-to-understand dashboard. Stay informed of key metrics without running multiple reports or managing complicated spreadsheets. Access one dashboard to instantly get sales information, margins, top items, A/R, and overdue invoices to help turn business insight into action.

Simple Reporting with Powerful Options

While most other software packages only include a few basic reports, RockSolid MAX provides a wide variety of reporting options that allow you to focus on what is most important for your business. Plus, you can drill down to the details without purchasing expensive add-on modules or digging through piles of paper.

Spruce business intelligence dashboard

Dig Deeper with Graphical Analytics

RockSolid MAX also offers a series of completely customizable dashboards that provide a real-time, visual view of your entire business performance. Leverage Graphical Analytics to access the most meaningful metrics for your business and easily drill into the details, so you can make decisions based on facts versus gut instinct.

Muus Lumber and Hardware

Case Study: Steve Heidrich, Muus Lumber

Read how a move to RockSolid MAX added ease, simplicity, and real-time information for Muus Lumber. “With RockSolid MAX, you just go to the reports menu, click on the one you want, and it’s right there. And not only is it so much easier to get your reports from RockSolid MAX than Epicor, but you also see real-time information, and that can make a big difference.”

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Fruitland Hardware

Case Study: Fruitland Hardware

Steve and Patti Holland saved time with RockSolid MAX reports. “With QuickBooks, I would need at least an hour and a half to close out the store every night. With RockSolid MAX, just one report gives me everything I need … I go through my drawer, verify everything is square, and ten minutes later, I’m out the door!” Read their story.

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