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Two women working in construction industry gender dynamics

Gender dynamics in the construction industry: Research finds women make up a quarter of the workforce

With a nationwide labor shortage in construction, ECI’s research reveals most sectors are falling short of bridging the gender gap to appeal to a wider talent pool.

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ECI CORP Blog News Press Release

ECI Connect Customer Conference 2024: SMBs, Executives, Industry Experts Come Together to Discuss Software Optimization, Business Management, AI and More

ECI Software Solutions offers attendees 200+ product and industry-specific breakout sessions with 20+ business resource sessions; registration is open for ECI’s Connect...

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Builder and a trade contractor reviewing house plans on a tablet

Why Builders And Trades In Construction Need SaaS

Adopting SaaS is essential for home builders and trade contractors to remain competitive, streamline operations, and deliver results to their customers.

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Home builder and cabinet contractor discussing installation in new home construction.

Construction Challenges in 2024: A Shared Struggle for Builders and Trades

Both homebuilders and trade contractors are facing a unique set of circumstances that are impacting their bottom lines and efficiency. Can technology help?

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User with a mobile tablet.

How Builders Can Improve VPO Processes

This guide reveals how to streamline your construction variance purchase order (VPO) process and boost efficiency. Reduce errors and keep projects on track.

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Construction manager doing office work

How Home Builder Software Empowers CFOs and Controllers

CFOs and Controllers can leverage MarkSystems with integrated accounting to set financial goals based on historical data and projected costs of projects.

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Elegant living room designed using Insearch

Interactive Design Center Software: A Guide To Modernizing Your Design Process

Design center software eases the selection process for homebuyers by providing a virtual space to explore design options and personalize their dream home.

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Housing sub-division with beautiful single-family homes

The Mastermind Behind Efficient Builds: The Role Of A Purchasing Manager In Homebuilder Software

Purchasing managers can leverage MarkSystems for material planning, ensuring accurate inventory tracking and preventing over-ordering or material shortages.

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LotVue and Insearch Integration for Home Builders

Elevating The Homebuying Experience: LotVue And Insearch Integration For Home Builders

Elevate your home building process with LotVue and Insearch software integration. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. Learn more.

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Residential Construction Home Building Trends 2024

Home Building Trends to Watch for in 2024

The construction industry is primed for innovation in 2024. These trends that will impact home builders, remodelers, developers, and trade contractors.

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MarkSystems Construction Project Tracking

Track Smarter, Build Better: How to Track the Progress of a Construction Project

Construction tracking for production and semi-custom home builders involves monitoring and managing numerous aspects of a construction project.

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Highlights of ECI's Residential Construction at IBS 2024

ECI Residential Construction at IBS 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the future of home building with ECI at IBS 2024. Experience exceptional residential construction, innovative designs, superior craftsmanship.

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