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Big Ideas for Small Businesses

Industry experts offer tips on using your software and managing every aspect of your business from sales and marketing to human resources and payment processing.

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Blog Boost Your Cybersecurity New Phishing Scam Protection Tips

Boost Your Cybersecurity: New Phishing Scam and Protection Tips

Learn how small and medium-sized businesses can protect themselves from the Twilio SendGrid phishing scam. Steps to avoid falling victim to malicious attacks.

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Man working on a laptop

FAQs Answered: Everything You Need to Know About EDI

In this EDI FAQ guide, you’ll learn how EDI can streamline your supply chain, enhance efficiency, & integrate with ERP systems for better business operations.

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Consultant on a computer talking to a customer

How To Measure Customer Experience

Check out these 5 ways of measuring customer experience. Foster loyalty, build your brand, enhance retention & track customer satisfaction. Read on!

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ADKAR Change Management Model for Managers and Employees

Adapting to Change: What to Expect

In this guide, we’ll delve into the ADKAR Change Management Model for managers and employees. Learn how to navigate organizational change successfully.

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How a Small Business Can Avoid a Data Breach

How Small Businesses Can Avoid Data Breaches

In this post, we’ll discuss how small businesses can protect themselves from a data breach. Safeguard your sensitive information and secure your business.

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Celebrating International Women's Day with ECI's Exceptional Female Leaders

Celebrating International Women’s Day: An Interview With ECI Female Leaders

Honoring exceptional & inspirational female leaders at ECI this International Women's Day. Celebrate empowerment, & diversity, with our inspiring women.

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Employee Appreciation Day 2024

How To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

In this expert guide, we delve into creative and meaningful ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. Boost your team's morale with these thoughtful ideas.

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Blog What Makes A Good Leader

What Makes A Good Leader?

Let’s examine the key qualities of effective leadership. Learn how to inspire, motivate, and guide your team towards success. Start your journey today!

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5 Things You Should Never Do With Business Social Media Blog 2024 Blog

5 Things You Should Never Do With Business Social Media Accounts

Want to grow your business? Avoid these 5 social media mistakes. Learn how to optimize your strategy, avoid pitfalls, and boost brand awareness.

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How AI Will Impact Customer Experience in 2024

How AI Will Impact the Customer Experience in 2024

Learn how AI will revolutionize customer experience and enhance satisfaction in 2024. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock new business opportunities.

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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Work from Home Environment

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Work-From-Home Environment

Transform your home office into a productivity paradise with these 7 ergonomic design, mood-enhancing colors, functional furniture, & personalized decor accents.

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The hidden costs of Quickbooks

The Hidden Costs of QuickBooks®

Check out these 15 hidden costs and limitations associated with relying on QuickBooks for financial management in small to midsize businesses.

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