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Purchasing & Inventory

Do you have the tools to order the right products and quickly and accurately create purchase orders?

Price Updates

Ensuring that your business has the right items on the shelves is key to keeping customers coming back. Stocking the wrong items or too much inventory is costly for your business and ties up cash that can be invested in other areas. RockSolid MAX provides the tools you need to make sure you purchase and stock the right inventory and seamless integration with vendors make the process easy and fast! The software offers plenty of options to save time in your purchasing process, including automated ordering and the ability to order stock based on past POs. Special orders are easy to process, and with vendor catalogs and images are integrated into the system you can rest assured that you’re ordering the right items. Consolidated purchasing allows multi-location customers to assess the needs of the entire enterprise, improving efficiency and maximizing volume discounts.

Purchasing made easy. If you want to order stock, you can have the tools to confidently decide the right quantities to order. Entering items manually, copying old POs or templates you’ve made, letting the system suggest orders based on your selection criteria, working with mobile units on the sales floor, or even importing order information from outside sources is all in a day’s work for RockSolid MAX. Even better, regardless of how you get the items onto a PO, you can instantly check history and historical trends, without ever leaving the order.

Special orders. Create POs for special orders as part of the point of sale transaction or by copying the customer’s order items into a PO. If the cost changes along the line, everything is updated. Anyone with the need and the security access can go from the customer order to the PO to the receipt to the AP invoice.

Receiving. Receiving inventory is simply a matter of bringing one or more orders into the receipts area or scanning items off the truck and reconciling to the PO. If there are any charges (freight adders, tarp charges, fuel surcharges, etc.) not entered on the original PO, you can enter them while finalizing the receipt, no problem. Back office staff won’t have to ask you what happened on any given receipt—it will all be documented on the system.

Improve turns. Intelligent automation, along with document and historical information retrieval, help improve inventory turns.

Automated and simple ordering process. For any given item, set the system to automatically calculate lead time and even minimum and maximum quantities, boosting ROI by reducing shelf space, back stock and the amount of time spent determining order quantities. For the most volatile commodities you can periodically update those quantities yourself and override based on your knowledge and on the historical snapshot the system presents to you for each item.

Complete EDI functionality. Product catalogs, including warehouse quantities and images, update automatically. Check to see if your suppliers are available through the program—they probably are!

Order for selected branches. Select the branches you want to include, then either build a suggested PO and override as you see fit or manually select branch quantities, taking into account the stock requirements the system presents to you. When you’re satisfied with the quantities, make it one PO to be received at a warehouse with allocations for branch transfers or have the system create a separate PO for each branch.

Ready to make your purchasing process easy?

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