Cloud-based software for independent hardware dealers and convenience lumberyards

Point of Sale

RockSolid MAX will quickly and effectively manage your quoting, ordering, and selling processes


Providing superior customer service is one of the things that separates you from the Big Box stores. RockSolid MAX is designed to get customers through the checkout process quickly and effectively, helping to create a positive experience with your business. Your cashiers can quickly scan items, enter SKUs or look them up in the system. Return processing is painless with RockSolid MAX, keeping your customers and employees happy. Customer lookup is easy, and transactions can be sent by email or fax—providing flexibility for the customer and saving paper in your business. You can even import data from external software like window manufacturers or design tools, eliminating the need to rekey these items into POS or purchasing—which saves time and prevents mistakes.

If your point of sale system is not efficient, it can be a long-term drain on employee productivity and a disappointing experience for your customer. With RockSolid MAX, you can handle transactions with just few keystrokes, with built-in functionality that covers your most important sales needs. 

Functions within point of sale include:

  • Payment processing (ROAs, order deposits, COD payments, etc.)
  • Payouts (deposit refunds, petty cash, etc.)
  • Charge returns
  • Set-up and modification of customer accounts, jobs, items, catalogs, customer contracts, pricing groups, sales tax locations, and adjustment codes (without leaving any point of sale transaction!)
  • Access to office functions, messaging, and the document trail (assuming the user has appropriate security access).
  • Inquiries and reports that provide easy access to information
  • Cash drawer closing, invoice reversal, overrides, etc.
  • And more!

RockSolid MAX cloud exclusive! POS Assured offers an offline option to process emergency front counter sales if your cloud-based system is unavailable

Ready to improve your customers' check-out experience?

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