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Accounts Receivable

Your A/R and month-end invoicing process will be simple and effective with RockSolid MAX software.

You can process payments through Point of Sale (as unapplied credits) or through Accounts Receivable (as unapplied credits or directly while applying credits). The billing cycle closes automatically in RockSolid MAX, based on a schedule set up in advance, and you can print/fax/email statements and invoices at any time after that billing cycle closes.

A/R Status shows current and last statement, or last 120-day listings of charges and credits. The History tab allows a look at all activity on the account for any period, a specified job or for all jobs (consolidated), making it easy to understand what is happening with your receivables.

Multiple ways to communicate customer account information:

  • Automatically email your customer when their special order is received, or their manufacturing work order is completed
  • Automatic invoice message
  • Automatic statement message, optionally keyed to the aging of the account's oldest open invoice
  • Partial, manual, deferred and electronic (EFT) payment capabilities
  • Recurring bill setup with associated terms, discounts and GL information
  • and many more flexible communication capabilities

General Accounts Receivable capabilities:

  • Establish credit limits for customers and allow an additional requirement for a credit override when their balance reaches a certain aging level
  • Give specific employees ability to perform credit overrides directly at Point of Sale, while allowing your credit manager to do remote overrides from a screen that shows all pertinent customer information
  • Mix and match billing at the job level or at the master account level
  • Post payments globally under your defined circumstances
  • Enter a debit adjustment and assess finance charges directly from the next billing cycle close for returned checks
  • Allow customers to designate authorized purchasers (with photos for easy identification) on their accounts
  • and much more! 

Ready to improve your cash flow?

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