Cloud-based software for independent hardware dealers and convenience lumberyards

An affordable cloud-based hardware store software that grows with your business

Built specifically for hardware stores and building materials dealers, RockSolid MAX™ software offers easy-to-use modules that manage point of sale (POS), inventory, accounts receivables and more. Each module is built around a centralized document management structure that helps retailers significantly reduce costly human errors and data redundancies. Easily integrable with major accounting solutions, RockSolid MAX also provides convenient features like unit of measure conversion for lumber, quote-to-order capability and special order management.

RockSolid MAX includes the core applications you need to run your business more effectively and grow your margins.

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Document Management

The RockSolid MAX system is built around document management functionality—it's the glue that connects each module of the software. All transactions in the software are automatically linked together, including handwritten or faxed records produced outside the system. Imagine being able to easily access your customer’s quote, order, PO, receiving documents and sales invoice with the push of a button and on one screen.


Providing superior customer service is one of the things that separates you from the Big Box stores. RockSolid MAX is designed to get customers through the checkout process quickly and effectively, helping to create a positive experience with your business. Your cashiers can quickly scan items, enter SKUs or look them up in the system. Processing returns are painless with RockSolid MAX, keeping your customers and employees happy. Customer lookup is easy, and transactions can be sent by email, or fax—providing flexibility for the customer and saving paper in your business. Additional point-of-sale functionality includes transaction templating.

Accounts Receivable

RockSolid MAX software includes everything you need to easily manage all aspects of your accounting process. Your company will be able to automatically email customers their statements or invoices, saving time in your A/R process. You can also easily track purchase history and allocate payments appropriately. You can set up accounts to apply payments automatically to the oldest invoices or you can decide specific invoices to apply the payment. With flexible search options and real-time information, your A/R process will be a breeze.

Advanced Reporting

Having access to important information about your business is key to making good decisions and driving future performance. With RockSolid MAX you can review your business performance with real-time snapshots—no need to wait for scheduled reports to run. The reports are permission based so you can decide which employees in your organization have access, and data is easily exported to Excel®, PDF or HTML so you can review and edit your documents on your terms!

Purchasing & Inventory

Ensuring that your business has the right items on the shelves is key to keeping customers coming back. Stocking the wrong items or too much inventory is costly for your business and ties up cash that can be invested in other areas. RockSolid MAX provides the tools you need to make sure you purchase and stock the right inventory and seamless integration with vendors make the process easy and fast! The software offers plenty of options to save time in your purchasing process, including automated ordering and the ability to order stock based on past POs. Special orders are easy to process, and with vendor catalogs and images are integrated into the system you can rest assured that you’re ordering the right items.


In today’s competitive environment, you need to access you data at all times and from anywhere. RockSolid MAX offers mobility options to access the software on tablets, allowing you to manage your business on the go.

Special Orders

Seamlessly, order, track, and invoice special items for your customers. Special orders are easily processed in RockSolid MAX, you have the ability to pull in items from a vendor catalog or create a temp SKU number (system generated). You also have the ability to create the PO at the same time that you are creating the customer order. This allows for a more efficient special order process within your business.

Quote-to-Order Functionality

When you are quoting customers, you don’t want to duplicate efforts when it comes to actually ordering items on the quote. With RockSolid MAX you can create quotes for customers that can easily convert to orders including partial release on orders. You can even order a subset of items from a quote and keep the original quote open. This capability improves efficiency in your business and frees up time to work on other more productive things.

Unit of Measurement Conversion

Every business has items that are sold in multiple units of measure, which can be a headache. RockSolid MAX automatically adjusts pricing and margin for items sold with different units of measure. The software allows for unlimited UOM per item so that you can have different price points for each UOM. It also allows you to order QTY in one UOM and have the cost reflect a different UOM.

Lumber Functionality

If your store sells lumber, you know how important it is for your software to offer Board Foot Conversion (MBF). With RockSolid MAX it is all done automatically, allowing you to sell per piece or per thousand, ensuring you have the proper sales price and cost of goods calculations.

World-Class, US-based Support Team

If you need help with your software, you want to know that the person on the line understands you, your business and is available to support your needs. The RockSolid MAX team has the industry experience to support your business, and has the track record of satisfied customers to prove it!

Credit Card Integration

With changing technology and security requirements, you want to know your software is protecting your business and your customers’ credit card information. RockSolid MAX has a tokenization process, allowing customers to keep a credit card on file, and ensure that their card info is protected. The software can also handle the latest payment technology including Apple Pay® and Google Wallet™ payment service, helping you serve a new generation of customers!

Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.


When evaluating software options, you want to make sure it’s the right fit for your business and won’t break the bank. RockSolid MAX is cloud-based, which means there’s no upfront fees and no expensive servers to buy and maintain. Your data is also backed up automatically and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in the event of a nature disaster, fire or theft. Your data is encrypted and backed by firewalls for maximum security, so only you can access your data. This eliminates worry, saves your employees’ time, and keeps your business protected!

Ongoing Training

Some software providers charge a fee to access training information, but RockSolid MAX is committed to helping you learn the software and offers unlimited free training classes for our customers. You can join one of 10 different live classes each week, taught by one of our experts, or watch recorded videos at your leisure. We also provide a comprehensive knowledge center with user guides and documentation, in addition to our helpful support personnel.

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