Cloud-based software for independent hardware dealers and convenience lumberyards

Work from your phone or tablet with the AnyWare mobile app


Take your hardware and convenience lumber business on the go

How quickly could you grow if you could access your business management software from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are?

With the RockSolid MAX AnyWare™ mobile application, you are always in complete control of your hardware and convenience lumber business. The application acts as a mobile extension of your RockSolid MAX system. Use it to create customer orders, access business information, view documents and track deliveries. These are just a few examples of the functions you will be able to perform using AnyWare on your rugged tablet for Android™.

RockSolid MAX App

Mobile app functions

  • Create live customer orders
  • Access up-to-date information
  • Generate tags and labels
  • Attach files to any system document
  • Get digital signatures on received orders
  • Check on delivery status of outgoing orders
  • View any document in its entirety
  • See store sales totals in real time
  • View an item’s price, cost, stock status, sales and usage
  • Get delivery tracking and download directions with Google Maps™ mapping service
  • Compile purchase orders created by scanning barcodes
  • Connect to the RockSolid MAX ProLink™ mobile app to enable customers to track deliveries

Tell us how Anyware can help your business

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