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Success Story:
Success Story: Santee Hardware

Move from RockSolid to RockSolid MAX Cloud Software Provides Increased Data Security and Productivity

When Karen Jackson decided to bring in RockSolid MAX® software to run Santee Hardware, the business her father Bill Jackson bought in 1999, her main reason for the switch was security.

Karen and her team had been happy RockSolid™ software users since 2004 and they had no complaints. “RockSolid gave us everything we needed to run our business and we were really happy with it,” she recalls. “For what it did for the money, we just didn’t think you could beat it. And the service and support RockSolid provided was outstanding! They were as good with their customers as we aim to be with ours,” she says.

One aspect of the RockSolid POS setup didn’t sit so well: system backups

“As the years went by, we started holding our breath and thinking sooner or later, we would have some sort of catastrophic failure where we would need to recover all our data,” Jackson explains.

Karen had tried a number of different backup systems but none of them provided the level of confidence she needed. “It became harder and harder to accept a situation where something could happen with our server and leave us just hoping we had an adequate backup. I just didn’t think we could afford to have that happen.”

Moving to cloud computing with RockSolid MAX solidified data processing and security

Fortunately, the folks at RockSolid came up with a solution in the form of RockSolid MAX, a cloud-based version of the program that would address Karen’s concerns.

“We’d been happy with RockSolid for so long, it made moving to the cloud with RockSolid MAX the logical choice,” she says. And once she made the switch, Karen and her team soon discovered increased data security was just one item on a long list of benefits.

“Customers are the most important part of any business, and ours really liked the changes that came when we switched to RockSolid MAX,” she says. “Our customers still see us as very much a family business, but now we’re a family business that’s using technology to take care of them better and faster, particularly when it comes to processing credit card charges.”

RockSolid MAX has given Santee employees production gains

“Looking up customer account information is easier with RockSolid MAX. The program handles price breaks and unit of measure issues better, and the way the system operates, it’s just a lot harder to make mistakes,” she explains.

Moving to the cloud has also made life a lot easier for Karen, herself. “We place a warehouse order every week, and before we switched to RockSolid MAX, a busy day in the store might have had me staying until 11 o’clock at night to put an order together in time,” she recalls. “Now, I can take my tablet home and do it all at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee.”

RockSolid MAX provides the power of mobile technology

Things got even better at the first tradeshow Karen went to after the switch to RockSolid MAX. “Three months after we went live with RockSolid MAX, I went to the Orgill show with my tablet in hand.”

At previous tradeshows, Karen would either have to take binders full of sales history and stock reports or call back to the store before deciding to take advantage of a show special or not. Not anymore.

“I’d see a show special on an item, check out our inventory and sales history on my tablet and make a purchasing decision based on facts, rather than what I thought were facts. Having remote access to my system through RockSolid MAX made my time at the show so much more productive and really helped us make smart buys.”

On the cloud, every business function ran more efficiently, right away

When we talked to Karen Jackson, Santee Hardware had been using RockSolid MAX for less than six months. But that was more than enough time to determine whether or not switching had been the right call.

“Moving to RockSolid MAX has given us new confidence in our data security, it’s made managing backups a thing of the past, and it’s given us all more time. Personally, it’s really helped me get super-focused on our inventory,” Karen happily reports. “We’re still discovering new features, but RockSolid MAX has already proven itself. The more I use it, the more I like it!”

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