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Success Story:
Ravenna Lumber

RockSolid MAX® POS Software Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Remember that old cliché about time being money? Well, for Bryan Patterson and his team at Ravenna Lumber, it’s not remotely a cliché. Not, at least, after they started using RockSolid MAX® POS system from ECi Software Solutions to run things.

Located about 30 miles west of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ravenna Lumber is, in many ways, a classic family-owned and operated independent hardware store. Patterson and his brother Ken, co-owners of the company, represent the third generation of his family to run the business, which proudly boasts a history of superior service both to customers and to the community at large that goes back nearly 70 years.

The company serves a largely rural community, but that doesn’t mean there’s no competition. The nearest big box is a scant 15 minutes away and there are plenty of other independents within easy driving distance.

Despite all that, it’s a market with plenty of growth potential for a well-run business that’s customer focused and taking advantage of every opportunity to operate intelligently and productively.

That’s where RockSolid MAX  POS software comes in.

Moving to RockSolid MAX brings big time savings to Ravenna Lumber

It’s been just over one year since Patterson, a long-time VERSYSS user, made the switch and what a difference that year has made!

Productivity at the company gained a huge boost from the move to the RockSolid MAX solution. Patterson reports “Our new POS solution has freed up valuable time that we once spent on mundane, routine operations. That has allowed us to focus on what’s really important—taking care of customers and growing the business!”

When you listen to Patterson report on just how much time the company has saved with RockSolid MAX, it’s easy to understand why he’s so enthusiastic about the program.

It takes a fully integrated business system to optimize productivity

End-of-month reporting at the store, which used to take as much as a full day with his old system, now gets taken care of literally with just a couple mouse clicks. Monthly statements take at least half a day less than they used to, while a typical quote gets done in 30-45 minutes less time than with their previous system. Every business function is interconnected and all operational tasks are optimized for productivity and profitability—just what a small lumber and hardware business needs.

A complete, integrated POS solution improves the customer experience

In addition, customers move through the checkout a whole lot faster thanks to the point of sale system’s scanner and credit card reader. The POS system functions as efficiently as any rival’s, from the independents to the big box stores. And having a cloud-based system means the Ravenna Lumber team no longer has to worry about daily backups and local maintenance, which further improves productivity and saves even more time.

RockSolid support makes it the best POS software for small lumber and hardware businesses

No one at the company has any extensive computer training but, as Patterson makes clear, that really doesn’t matter with RockSolid MAX.

“One of the things that really impressed us when we first looked at RockSolid MAX was just how easy and intuitive it is to use,” he says. RockSolid MAX is Windows® based and that means anyone who is remotely familiar with Microsoft® Office can easily grasp the program’s basics and navigation structure.

In addition, RockSolid MAX’s document management functionality has helped reduce paperwork at Ravenna Lumber and given employees much faster access to key business and customer information, Patterson reports.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the technical support team at RockSolid MAX helps keep operations running smoothly. “The folks at RockSolid MAX are very easy to work with,” he says. “Our initial conversion was totally transparent for our customers. Everything went very smoothly and since then, the RockSolid team has continued to be very accessible and answer any questions we’ve had quickly and with a minimum of fuss.”

The bottom line on the program for Patterson? “RockSolid MAX is easy to run, it gives us everything we need and the price is right. You really can’t ask for any more than that!”

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