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Success Story:
Nielson's Building Center

RockSolid MAX® POS software puts hardware and lumber business on the right track

After more than 35 years in the hardware, building and lumber industry, Lorne Nielson knows what he wants most from his business management system and it all comes down to just one word: simplicity.

As the owner of Nielson’s Building Center in Point Roberts, Washington, he’s got plenty to keep him busy without having to worry about computer hardware and software.

Fortunately, since switching to RockSolid MAX® hardware store POS system from ECi Software Solutions to run his business, he doesn’t have to.

The company had been operating on a homegrown system for the past 15 years or so and while it worked reasonably well for most of Nielson’s needs, it had remained largely unchanged during all that time and was clearly far behind current technology.

Nielson did his due diligence and looked at a number of different systems. At the end of the day, RockSolid MAX was the logical choice, he says.

RockSolid MAX cloud-based software is just right for our hardware and lumber business

“Some of the programs out there are so big and complex and we really don’t need many of the features they offer,” he explains. “I like to keep everything simple and clean in our business and RockSolid MAX allows us to do just that!”

Nielson also likes the fact that RockSolid MAX is a cloud-based system. This made the initial investment far less than comparable server-based programs and provided easy, 24/7 access from remote locations.

It didn’t hurt either that the RockSolid technical support team made sure that the switch from the old system went smoothly. “When you’re dealing with thousands and thousands of items, there’s always the potential for problems with any software conversion. But our move to RockSolid MAX went off very successfully,” he says.

Not only was the program itself easy to install, but the RockSolid MAX technical support team was there every step of the way to help when needed.

“We got very good support from RockSolid on the conversion,” recalls Nielson. “They were always very accessible and available for phone conversations any time and the salesperson we worked with kept close contact with us following the switch and made sure everything was going smoothly.”

The result, Neilson reports: an overwhelmingly positive response from employees to their new software.

“After more than 15 years on our previous system, our people were very excited about RockSolid MAX,” he says. “Changing systems can be challenging but the online training RockSolid provides is excellent and all our employees took the courses so they knew what to expect and how to work the basics pretty much from day one.”

Seamless integration between RockSolid MAX inventory management and Do it Best®

Even though Neilson and his team are still learning the program, they started seeing some significant benefits from the switch almost immediately.

Nielson‘s is a long-time Do it Best member and RockSolid MAX’s seamless integration with the Do it Best system brought a new level of productivity and ease of use to the business.

“Adding new items from Do it Best is really quick and easy with RockSolid MAX—literally all it takes is just a keystroke or two—and item lookup is also far more efficient and user-friendly,” says Neilson.

It’s still early days, but RockSolid MAX hardware store software is already making a big difference for Lorne Neilson and his team. He’s eagerly looking forward to building up some sales history, so the many reports RockSolid MAX makes available to him will provide far greater insight into just how his business is performing in critical areas. Also on the agenda: integration with the Margin Master program to manage inventory more efficiently and profitably.

“RockSolid MAX is working out to be a very effective solution for us,” says Nielson. “It’s not a cumbersome program and you don’t need a degree in computer programming to run it. I would certainly recommend the program to other dealerships like ours.”

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