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Success Story:
Loa Builders Supply

RockSolid™ and RockSolid MAX® keep building materials supplier on a strong growth track

Loa, Utah, is not exactly one of the country’s great growth markets. It’s a small town in central Utah with a population of just over 500 and an economy that is driven largely by agriculture and the town’s location in the heart of some of the most spectacular natural resources in America.

But even if its location leaves Loa largely insulated from the peaks and valleys of the general economic cycle, it can still provide plenty of opportunity for progressive, hard-charging entrepreneurs with the energy and vision to generate new sales and profit dollars for their business.

Just ask Greg Pace at Do it Best member Loa Builders Supply.

Since taking over Loa Builders from his parents in 2014, Greg has embarked on an ambitious expansion track, opening a second store in Escalante some 80 miles to the south and adding both a rental center and door and window installation to the mix.

Managing expansion on multiple levels can be challenging for any business. The good news for Greg and his team is that thanks initially to RockSolid, and more recently to RockSolid MAX® building materials software, they have a technology platform to keep them healthy. It can also match them stride for stride as they grow.

RockSolid software allows expansion to a second store

It was Greg’s expansion plans, in part, that led him to make the switch to RockSolid POS software back in 2011. Up until then, he had been using the Eagle® system from Activant. But as he looked into upgrading that program in preparation for a second location, it became clear that just wasn’t an option.

“Staying with Activant to run two stores would have been too expensive—it was that simple,” Greg recalls. At the same time, he adds, he and his team had never found the Activant system particularly easy to use and communications with Do it Best could have been a lot better.

Greg did his due diligence and after evaluating several possible options, he decided to make the move to RockSolid; price, he admits candidly, being the primary factor that clinched the deal.

Less than four months after making that call, Loa Builders went live on the  RockSolid hardware software. “The switch to RockSolid went very smoothly,” he remembers. “The RockSolid support team took our data late one evening, uploaded it into the system through the course of the night and we were up and running early the next morning. We were literally using Eagle one day and RockSolid the next.”

Cloud-based RockSolid MAX software makes running two stores as easy as running one

And if Greg had any doubts about the wisdom of converting from Activant to RockSolid, those doubts disappeared very quickly. “With RockSolid, I was paying less for the hardware and software I needed to run two stores than I had been paying for one store with Activant,” he recalls. “That was a pretty strong reason to switch to RockSolid right there!”

Fast forward five years and it was time for another software switch at Loa Builders—this time to RockSolid MAX cloud-based POS software.

“Moving to a cloud-based system had a lot of appeal,” Greg explains. “We’re not big enough to have a dedicated systems administrator or anyone like that. I’m the IT guy and I’ve got a lot better and more productive ways to spend my time.”

Moving to the cloud meant Greg no longer had to worry about server maintenance and updates. He no longer had the hassle of making data backups and taking them off site every day. RockSolid MAX POS software also gave Greg and his team access to the system on a 24/7 basis from anywhere with an internet connection.

“With the way our two stores work together, a cloud-based system like RockSolid MAX is a huge asset for us,” Greg explains. “Now, I can be in Loa and be talking to a customer in Escalante and take care of whatever they need quickly and easily. Whereas before, I would have to write down the details of our conversation and then call Escalante to have them handle it. And it’s just as easy for anyone on our team in Escalante to query our inventory in Loa and see what we have. RockSolid MAX really does an awesome job of managing multiple locations!”

RockSolid MAX manages the entire order process

Greg also gives RockSolid MAX hardware software kudos for its ability to manage the entire order process from beginning to end. “With RockSolid MAX, we can track the whole process from quotes to orders to sales to invoicing,” he explains. “The flow and the way the process works is excellent!”

It doesn’t hurt that RockSolid MAX POS software is supported by a team of service-oriented software experts who are just as committed to keeping Loa Builders running smoothly as Greg is.

“We were among the very first RockSolid users to make the switch to RockSolid MAX and being a pioneer like that is not always a good idea,” he says wryly. “But the RockSolid MAX technical support team were great to work with, the videos and online training are very good and it all went very well,” he reports.

After little more than a year of using RockSolid MAX building supply software, the program, says Greg, is living up to expectations and then some.

“There’s no question we have got a positive return on our investment in RockSolid MAX,” he says. “The way they’ve been adding upgrades and enhancements to the program since we switched has been another big plus,” he says.

And would Greg recommend RockSolid MAX POS software to other stores like his? “Absolutely,” he says. “Without hesitation.

“For hardware, lumber and building materials retailers like us, particularly with multiple locations, I would very highly recommend RockSolid MAX. It’s doing a great job for us and we’re very happy with it!”

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