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Success Story: Kaptein's Ace

Switch to RockSolid™ POS software brings major cost savings and productivity gains to hardware dealer

Testimony for ECi by Kaptein's Ace in Mount Vernon, Washington

Kaptein's Ace

Mount Vernon, Washington

When Jeff Kaptein, owner of Kaptein’s Ace Hardware in Mount Vernon, Washington, needed to upgrade the hardware side of his business management system, he decided it was the perfect time to go looking for new software, too.

The RockSolid POS system from ECi Software Solutions was the logical choice, he says. “We didn’t need to check out too many different systems,” Kaptein recalls. “I started looking at what RockSolid offered, liked what I saw and the pricing was right where we wanted it to be.”

The opportunity to reduce monthly maintenance fees by $625 would be motivation enough for just about any hardware store operator to make the change. But once Kaptein and his team went live on the system, they found plenty of other benefits coming their way.

RockSolid is intuitive and easy to learn

“When you’re a small business owner, you don’t really have time to sit in front of a computer for eight hours trying to generate a report or access some piece of data,” he points out. “The RockSolid system is so much more intuitive than what we were using and getting the information you need is a whole lot easier.”

Bringing in a new business system can be a high-stress activity for just about everyone but the conversion to RockSolid was mostly smooth sailing, Kaptein reports. “We did bump into one or two issues while we were making the change but they were nothing drastic and the RockSolid technical support team was very responsive and easy to work with,” he says.

Learning the new system was also remarkably easy with RockSolid. “RockSolid is so intuitive that you can get a cashier up to speed in just half a day,” he says. “And it didn’t take our office manager much longer to be able to pick up the system and figure out how to pull just about anything out of the system that she wanted.”

RockSolid increases productivity

And once RockSolid was live, Kaptein and his team found themselves armed with some powerful new tools that brought additional cost savings and productivity gains.

Case in point: RockSolid’s special RockImport tool. “Instead of having to hire someone to enter data manually or pay for an upload tape, making price changes or adding new inventory into our system with the RockSolid import tool literally takes no more than five minutes and a few keystrokes. It’s been a huge plus!” Kaptein says.

And, he adds, the ability to easily customize reports and export just about anything out of RockSolid into Excel has been another big benefit.

“Switching to RockSolid has been a very positive move for us,” says Kaptein. “None of us are computer geniuses but with RockSolid, we don’t have to be. It’s easy to learn, easy to use and it’s generating a huge amount of savings. It’s giving us everything we need and the price is right!”

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