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Success Story:
IMOC Building Supplies

RockSolid MAX® POS software makes life at the hardware dealership a whole lot easier and more productive

After four years of running his business with QuickBooks®, C.R. Moltich had had enough.

The business in question, IMOC Building Supplies in Sheridan, Montana, operates as a typical lumber, hardware and building supply center with no non-traditional product or service offerings to complicate things. But while QuickBooks may be the country’s top small business accounting package, it just didn’t have the features and functionality Moltich knew he needed to keep IMOC strong and profitable.

“There was no integration in the software between the various aspects of the business, very little flexibility on pricing and a tremendous amount of manual data entry,” Moltich recalls.

Moltich knew it was time—it was long past time—to bring in a more powerful and more industry-specific program and it didn’t take him long to find what he needed. Less than six months after Moltich started looking for new software, IMOC bid farewell to QuickBooks and went live with RockSolid MAX® software from ECi.

Conversion to RockSolid MAX was easy

Switching to new software can be stressful for any business but, says Moltich, the move to RockSolid MAX could hardly have gone better.

“RockSolid MAX is a very intuitive program to operate so there’s a relatively short learning curve to begin with. But we received all the support we needed before, during and after the conversion,” he reports.

“The RockSolid MAX technical support team made sure we were comfortable with the program before we went live and any time I had a question about the software, I got my answer literally within a matter of minutes,” Moltich adds.

“We’re still on a learning curve with the program but already, IMOC is operating a whole lot more productively than we were,” he reports happily. “RockSolid MAX has not only made everything run faster and more smoothly, it’s also given me more time to focus on what’s really important to growing the business.”

With RockSolid MAX, purchasing and inventory take minutes

Before the switch, Moltich says, the company’s purchasing and inventory control processes were painfully labor-intensive, based largely on gut feel and guesswork and loaded with opportunities for human error to slow things down even more.

“Before we switched to RockSolid MAX, I would have to visually count what we had on hand to see what we needed or go with my gut feel,” he remembers. “Sometimes, it would take hours to put together an order—I’d have to count what we had, figure out what we needed, look up the pricing and then call it all in.”

RockSolid MAX, he says, not only tracks inventory in real-time, eliminating all the guesswork, it can also automatically set re-order points based on previous history. Its seamless interface with Moltich’s supplier, Orgill, means a process that before took hours now needs just a few minutes.

And, he points out, because orders are now emailed instead of being called in, there’s a paper trail for IMOC’s ordering that makes any issues or wrong deliveries so much easier to handle than they used to be.

“Switching to RockSolid MAX eliminated a lot of guesswork and a lot of human error, both on our part and on our suppliers’ part. It’s given us a much better idea of what’s selling and what’s just gathering dust on the shelves,” he reports happily. “Our buying overall with RockSolid MAX is so much more efficient and profitable!”

Better customer service

Moltich has a similar story to tell on the customer service front. “We’re not only getting people through the checkout a whole lot faster but handling special orders and requests for non-stock items is so much easier than it used to be before we switched to RockSolid Max,” he says.

Before the switch dealing with non-stock items was tortuous at best. “It used to be that if a customer wanted a non-stock item, he or she would have to wait while I called my vendor to see if they had the item, get a price, figure out what I wanted to sell it for and let the customer know,” Moltich says. If the customer wanted the item, then Moltich made another call to the vendor to place the order.

Today, all that is just a distant memory. “With RockSolid MAX, I get all the information I need from the software and the order now gets handled with just a few keystrokes,” he reports.

And because RockSolid MAX provides integration of key documents through the whole transaction cycle, order information gets entered once only and flows through the system in a seamless process that not only saves time and reduces the potential for human error but also makes accessing detailed purchasing and sales history far easier.

RockSolid MAX positions IMOC for growth

RockSolid MAX is also providing IMOC with the tools it needs to grow the contractor side of the business.

“QuickBooks didn’t allow us to offer contractor discounts and that put us at a big disadvantage,” Moltich explains. “Everybody paid the same price for everything, regardless of the size of the order. RockSolid MAX has given us the flexibility we need to offer contractor discounts and it’s making us much more competitive.”

Less than three months after making the move to RockSolid MAX, Moltich has more than enough reasons to know that it was very much the right call for his business.

“The business is running so much more productively today thanks to RockSolid MAX,” he says. “We’re making decisions based on information rather than guesswork, there are fewer human errors to deal with and everything is running faster and more efficiently. RockSolid MAX is an ideal program for a building supply center like ours and the technical support they provide is very strong. You really can’t ask for much more than that!”

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