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Success Story: Billy Jack's Hardware

RockSolid™ POS Delivers Major Productivity Gains for Orgill Store

Testimony for ECi by Billy Jack's Hardware in Moultrie, GA

Billy Jack's Hardware

Moultrie, GA

If you’re an independent hardware store owner or operator, chances are you earn your living by providing a level of customer service that your big box competition can never deliver. 

So when it comes to selecting a system to keep your business running smoothly, it’s certainly not unreasonable to expect your software provider to offer the same kind of service that you deliver. 

The good news for DeWayne Walters and his team at Billy Jack’s Hardware in Moultrie, Georgia, is that, after switching to the RockSolid hardware store software by ECi Software Solutions, they’ve got a software provider who meets that requirement and then some. 

Designed by people who really understand the hardware business 

Before implementing RockSolid POS software in June of 2012, the Billy Jack’s team spent more than a year exploring their options. “We looked at five or six different systems before choosing RockSolid,” Walters recalls. “RockSolid was the only system we saw that seemed to be designed by people who really understood the hardware business.” 

As an example, he cites how RockSolid hardware store software handles wire sales. “You can take a 250-foot roll of wire and be able to either sell it by the roll or by the foot,” he points out. “Both options are set up in the system and it automatically adjusts your inventory accordingly.” 

That may not sound like much unless you’re in the hardware business and looking to meet whatever needs your customers might walk in with. And, notes Walters, no other program he looked at had that capability. 

“RockSolid,” he says, “also stood head and shoulders above the rest of the field in terms of ease of use. We did demos on some of the other systems when we were looking at software and RockSolid just seemed to be a lot more user-friendly.” 

What about customer service? 

“Since switching to RockSolid, I’ve recommended the system to other hardware store owners and probably the most important reason is customer service and support,” Walters says. “I’ve found the staff at RockSolid is committed to keeping everything running smoothly for us and making sure we’re happy with what’s going on with the system.” 

Adds Walters, “The technical support RockSolid provides is excellent. Their turnaround time responding to phone calls is outstanding, they know the system inside-out and they’re all very personable and friendly.” 

None of that, of course, would count for much if the program didn’t also perform as promised. On that score, says Walters, RockSolid POS software has more than lived up to expectations. The system has delivered significant productivity gains in several key areas and has helped Billy Jack’s improve margins while still remaining competitive with nearby big box outlets and other local hardware stores. 

Productivity gains on all fronts 

“The RockSolid accounts receivable module is second to none and it’s made a big difference in our overall productivity,” Walters reports. “We run over 600 accounts on a monthly basis and, before RockSolid, it was a very cumbersome process. Now, with RockSolid, we can get the same number of statements, but instead of spending more than two and a half days processing them, it only takes us half a day!” 

Walters tells a similar story on Billy Jack’s credit card processing. Credit card payments account for about half of Billy Jack’s business, he reports, and when they switched to RockSolid POS software, Walters also brought in integrated credit card processing through NET1 Payment Solutions. 

That move also brought with it some major productivity gains, says Walters. “It probably took us twice as long to process credit card charges before we made the switch,” he says. 

Integrates seamlessly with Orgill 

Walters points to purchasing and inventory control as another area where the RockSolid system shines. Billy Jack’s is an Orgill dealer and a smooth interface with the Orgill system is critical to operations. 

“RockSolid works seamlessly with Orgill when it comes to transmitting orders and receiving acknowledgements, etc.,” Walters reports. “It’s also helping us do a better job of pricing and ordering the right quantities. And when it comes to managing our inventory, I don’t how we even survived before we got the handheld. If you’re working a particular section of the store, you can take it with you and have access to all the information you need right there—that’s a huge plus!” 

For DeWayne Walters and the rest of the Billy Jack’s team, RockSolid hardware store software has become a key business resource that’s helping them stay competitive and maintain service levels while bringing some welcome improvements to the bottom line. 

“ECi describes RockSolid as software that was ‘built by hardware dealers for hardware dealers’ and I have certainly found that to be the case,” he says. “RockSolid is definitely helping us compete more effectively and improve our cash flow while still maintaining the same level of service that has kept us strong for nearly 30 years. You can’t ask for too much more than that!”

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