Easy, Accurate, and Integrated Inventory Management

Simplify your inventory management process. ScanIT comes equipped with the features and functionality you need to reduce costs, increase productivity, and make better business decisions, whether you are in the warehouse or the field.

ScanIT Inventory Scanning Software

Make better business decisions for a better bottom line

Improve your bottom line with accurate data to make informed business decisions. ScanIT integrates with your ERP solution to provide inventory management that boasts real-time tracking of inventory levels, seasonality, and market demand—leading to more accurate purchases and improved cash flow.

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Maximize your productivity

Take complete control over your inventory processing

Work smarter

Let your business management software work for you. With ScanIT, your inventory information flows right into your ECI ERP, so accurate data is in one place with analytics and reporting tools that are easy to understand. This allows you to identify important inventory and sales trends quickly, so you can continuously improve and reduce slow-moving SKUs.

Optimize inventory receiving (coming soon)

Reduce risky manual processes with increased automation. Users will soon be able to pull a purchase order to receive and scan in the items. Complex serial numbers can be recorded and applied to equipment without the worry of transcription typos that are common when using pen and paper.

Take control over picking and movement (coming soon)

Reduce waste and costly mistakes. Utilizing our inventory management and scanning solution, warehouse workers will only be able to pick inventory identified by the software which can be grouped by location to maximize efficiency. With tight records of inventory movement, you will always know where items are-whether they are on a truck in another facility, or in the back of the warehouse.

Integrate with ECI business management software

Keep data accurate, organized, and in one place. By integrating with ECI’s e-automate or DDMSPLUS, you can view real-time information directly from your business management solution. This will help you better identify successes and opportunities to become more a profitable business.

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