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RockSolid MAX POS helps garden centers
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Lawn and garden center POS that is affordable and easy to use.

RockSolid MAX helps you create positive customer experiences that build loyalty and increase sales. Industry-specific software includes the features you need to get more done, in less time, while reducing costly errors. By leveraging technology to manage seasonal demand, track sales, access account details, and collect receivables, you can make sure that your lawn and garden center can compete with the big guys!

Software for Lawn and Garden Centers

See why RockSolid MAX has the features that lawn and garden centers need at an affordable monthly price.

Lawn and garden center software

Get more done, in less time, with greater accuracy

Constantly drowning in paper?

Access all documents electronically, reducing paper and saving time digging through files.

Hard to price bulk items sold in multiple units of measure?

Accurately calculate price and margin for items like mulch or river rock sold by the ton or yard.

Difficult to look up past sales detail?

Answer landscaper or retail customer questions with instant access to sales history from anywhere.

Hard to account for unsellable shrubs or trees?

Easily adjust inventory to write-off unsellable plants and other items to reflect accurate stock levels.

Are paper, printing, and postage costs adding up?

Reduce expense by emailing invoices, statements, POs, and other documents from your software.

Painful to track and manage special orders?

Eliminate manual tracking by ordering special ordered plants or pavers in the software.

Isn't it time to transform your lawn and garden center?


Affordable garden center POS

Intuitive, easy-to-use software for lawn and garden centers

RSM Product Photo Care Instructions

Add product photos and care instructions

Garden centers and nurseries carry a wide variety of plants and products that may look similar but are actually very different. Help customers and employees select the right product by including pictures that allow a visual search of items right in the software. Print or email care instructions at the time of sale, improving customer satisfaction and adding value that surpasses competitors.

RSM Garden Capture Electronic Signature

Capture electronic signature from approved buyers

Protect yourself and your customers with authorized signers for accounts. Your landscapers can determine who is approved to purchase on their behalf, and you can capture their signatures electronically in RockSolid MAX. If there is ever a question about a purchase, everything is documented and available to email or provide as needed.

RSM Stone Pavers Multiple Units Of Measure

Easily manage multiple units of measure

Most lawn and garden centers carry items including mulch, river rock, and others bought in bulk then sold in multiple units of measure (UOM). These things can be a headache to manage, but RockSolid MAX makes it easy! The software automatically adjusts pricing and calculates accurate margins for these items so that you can have different price points and costs that accurately reflect the different UOMs.

RSM Garden Electronic Document Management

Stop drowning in paper!

All transactions automatically link in RockSolid MAX, and you can attach handwritten or faxed records, so you have access to everything you need electronically. Quickly access your customers’ quotes, orders, POs, receiving documents, and sales invoices in one centralized, easy-to-use system.

RSM Garden Seasonal Demand

Understand seasonal demand

RockSolid MAX helps you leverage technology to properly forecast demand and stock seasonal items. Having too much or too little inventory is especially costly for lawn and garden centers, as unsold flowers, plants, and holiday trim will immediately lose their value if they remain on the shelf past their sellable season. Analyze sales history to purchase seasonal products based on facts versus gut instinct.

Reduce expense, improve cash flow

Watch this 90-second video to see how RockSolid MAX software makes it easy to send statements and invoices electronically, saving you time and money every month. By emailing statements you can improve cash flow and reduce expenses.

RSM Garden Operate From Anywhere

Operate from anywhere!

RockSolid MAX helps you manage your business on the go! Because it’s cloud-based, you can access your business information 24/7/365 from anywhere! Use a tablet to create an order for a customer in the nursery or create purchase orders from your kitchen table. Whether you are at home, on vacation, or at an industry event, you can access your system, look at sales history, respond to inquiries, and handle an order on the spot.

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