Lot Management Software

Sell more lots and streamline communication with home builders

Sell more lots and streamline communication

Everyone across your team will have the access and visibility to work more efficiently with builders and banks.

Lot management software for land developers

Automate and simplify lot management tasks

LotVue® software lets you track your lots and gain seamless visibility into the lifecycle of the project, making lot inventory management easier for you and your team!

Making lot management easier

LotVue provides business critical data in one easy-to-use, graphical solution. No spreadsheets or manual entry and increase visibility and efficiency with one inventory system for your entire team.

Work more efficiently with home builders

Give builders secure and selective access to LotVue and get real-time lot updates. Get visual insights and reporting and see what lots are available and get mission-critical reports for every stage of the project.

Manage your lots

Manage and track lot purchase, status, and takedown agreements. Accurately forecast lot demand. Gain seamless visibility into lot and home sales through closing.

Manage your community

Manage development architecture, elevations, landscaping, and other details. Affordable plug-and-play lot inventory management software makes sharing information with team members, builders, and investors easy.

Work efficiently with builders and investors

Increase efficiency in operations by giving your builders and investors secure and selective access to LotVue. Get real-time lot updates from builders—they can update information directly into the system. Share information with investors or banks directly from LotVue instead of emailing PDFs.

Get the insights you need

Minimize the work of gathering business intelligence so you have time to strategically use it. With LotVue, you get access to builder contracts, lot takedown and sales, stages of construction, and home sales and closings.

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