Create the Modern Home Buying Experience

Enhance the home buying experience while making it easier for your team to manage land inventory. LotVue’s feature-rich platform makes this all possible.

Lot Vue Features Interactive Site Maps 1440

Get more leads using interactive site maps

Let customers kickoff the buying process earlier by enabling them to research online. Engage online home buyers with the real-time information they are looking for by featuring lot status, price, and available elevations and floor plans directly on your website.

Let buyers make lot reservations online

The home buying process has changed. Today’s buyers expect your website to provide all the information they need to make their decision before they talk to anyone. By incorporating our interactive site maps on your website, you can create a sense of urgency and enable buyers to pick and reserve a lot with their credit cards, all from the convenience of their home. It’s that simple.

Lot Vue Features Lot Management Land Developers 1440

Sell more lots and streamline communication as a Land Developer

Free yourself from depending on spreadsheets and error-prone manual processes when managing your inventory. With LotVue, you can automate and simplify inventory management tasks using one system while gaining excellent visibility into the life cycle of each project. Provide access and visibility for your team to work more efficiently while streamlining communication with builders and investors.

Lot Vue Features Marketing Gallery 1440

Manage your images and videos with ease

One of the most essential parts of a builder’s website is a wide selection of pictures and short videos to help illustrate what their house can look like. LotVue allows you to easily showcase all images and videos associated with your new homes—a handy feature for your internal management teams and website visitors.

Lot Vue Features Lot Click Analytics 1440

Understand what is working and what is not

Whether you are tracking inventory or analyzing the performance of your website, LotVue offers a wealth of insights and reporting features to help you make key decisions. Quickly visualize real-time inventory, sales status, and architectural information in a single, organized location. By understanding which lots are getting the most attention and what is being clicked on by prospective buyers, you can improve your efforts. Heatmaps display community-level click data that can be used to determine lot premiums and forecast their demand.


LotVue helps Esperanza Homes' Sales managers Make Informed Decisions

Esperanza Homes

“LotVue gives our sales managers the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions on what spec homes to start and where. ”

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