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Proposal software that enables sales reps to quickly and easily create professional proposals

Less time spent on manual work means more time to focus on selling

With QuickDeal, your sales team can create a proposal with the current state of print devices, accessories, service costs, and usage. QuickDeal will then source equipment options from your database and automatically calculate the total cost of ownership, generating a comparison between the current state and the proposed state.

Key Features

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Integrated Data

Pull accurate contract pricing from e-automate as well as device data from FMAudit and PrintFleet.

Easy to Use

The simple and intuitive interface enables sales reps to quickly and easily create proposals and shorten the sales cycle.

Standardize Contracts

Ensure your reps are using the correct prices in proposals to protect your margins and simplify the approval process.

Connect to CRM

Integrate your proposals with Acsellerate, our CRM for small and medium-sized businesses.


Access customer data and pricing from anywhere and create proposals on the go.

Customer Satisfaction

Create custom proposals to ensure customers are getting the best devices for their needs.

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