Cognytics Business Intelligence Dashboard Features

Embedded within your ECI software, our Cognytics Business Intelligence (BI) platform acts as the underlying technology that connects infinite data sets and displays dashboards customized for your industry.

Cogyntics laptop

Turn information into actionable insights with compelling data visualization

In today’s world of big data, visualization tools empower a simpler way to analyze large data sets, turning information into stories about your organization's performance. Armed with the ability to generate visually rich reports and dashboards, your team can continue building upon that story by making informed decisions that impact the trajectory of your business.

Cognytics Integrated Data

Keep your data in one place

Visualize all of your business data in one, single location. Struggling to pull data from fragmented reporting sources in multiple systems can waste valuable time, money, and effort. Our Cognytics BI platform combines data from each of your various systems to uncover unique business trends while providing you with an instant snapshot of your organization’s health and performance. These powerful BI dashboards are seamlessly embedded and displayed within your ECI software, so you don’t have to go anywhere else for key metrics and reporting.

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Equip your team with modern BI technology

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