Fully Integrated Machine Intelligence Software

Leverage the only, fully integrated MI solution for your ECI manufacturing software. With seamless integration to your existing software and machines, you can benefit from 15-20% utilization improvements that can make you more productive and profitable.

With our Alora Machine Intelligence solution, you can:

Use visual dashboards to drive change

Pull together and analyze back office and machine data in real-time. By transforming various data points into clear and attractive dashboards, all team members will gain a better understanding of performance to drive behavioral changes and make big improvements.

Customize your view

Create dashboards that are tailored to your specific needs and provide you with actionable insights. Instant access to machine performance throughout the production cycle allows you to make quick adjustments so you can make the right business decisions when you need them.

Improve utilization of machines you already have

Save money by identifying how your existing equipment can be used more efficiently. Alora connects to any machine, regardless of age, manufacturer, or current connectivity, including old presses and punches.

Our Alora Machine Intelligence Dashboard works with:


JobBOSS² is the evolution of E2 Shop with the addition of some of the most powerful features of JobBOSS manufacturing software to create the ultimate job shop software for small-to-medium-sized businesses. With built-in dashboards from Alora, it makes viewing easily consumable with the ability to dig deep if needed.


M1 is an all-in-one business management solution built specifically for discrete manufacturers. With Alora, and the ability to gain real-time operational visibility and centralize data management, you can optimize your business operations.


Macola is a business management software built for small-to-medium-sized manufacturers and distributors to automate, manage, and grow their businesses. With Alora, you can increase the speed and accuracy of your operations and utilize your company to the fullest.


JobBOSS is an all-inclusive Job Shop business solution. With Alora, you can analyze the downtime of machines, utilize resources to optimize the business output, and quickly view your business efficiently to make more informed decisions.


All Metals Fabricating (AMF)

“People like to know how they are doing... this gives them something that they can see in real-time, and it makes everyone want to do better.”

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