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Manufacturing ERP Recommender

Finding the right business management solution is critical to your manufacturing business.

ECI offers industry-leading manufacturing business management solutions M1 and JobBOSS2, suitable for a variety of manufacturing sizes and needs. Complete a quick, 13-question business management solution assessment and instantly receive a recommendation on which ECI manufacturing business management solution is best suited for your business.

What is the primary reason you are looking for a business management solution?

What system(s) do you currently use to run your manufacturing operation(s)?

Number of Employees:

How would you describe your manufacturing operations?

Do you have an IT team?

Does your financial practices require enforcement of GAAP-compliant accounting?

Which financial software do you currently use?

Do you want real-time financial accountability (known as transactional accounting) based on actions taken in the business management solution? Example: shop floor entries of materials and labor will automatically impact your income statement.

Does your business require multiple company databases or multi-currency support?

Do you need to manage inventory and labor transactions from mobile devices?

Do you want your CAD software to have bi-directional updating of Bill of Material (BOM) information?

Would your ordering process benefit from a dynamic selection of material options to drive the configuration of your product(s) and reduce errors in the ordering process?

Will you need to manage multiple warehouses in separate geographical locations?

What is your decision time frame for selecting an business management solution?

Thank you for completing the assessment. Based on the information you provided,